Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Dinner Treat at China Blue

Big G finally passed his driving instructor's test. After almost a year of toiling with a few upsets here and there, he's finally done it. Apparently he gets to drive a brand new ford focus every 6 months. How good is that. Yup. In celebration of the joyful news, he's invited a group of close friends to join him and his family for dinner at China Blue.

Here's a quick recap of what we had that night.

3 kinds of Roast. Only half a duck left in the restaurant that night. Good stuff

In house dumplings. Skin's a bit thick

Braised deep fried fish and tofu in a claypot. Good stuff also

Salted fish, aubergines, mince pork: Partner in crime with rice

Eggy vegetables. Nice stock

Honey pork chops. hmm haha u should know what i am going to say.

Sweet sour pork. This was suprisingly good.

Soft shell crab. The best dish that night.

A wonderful dinner... : )

China Blue
96 Renfield St
Glasgow, G2 1NH
0141 333 1881

Monday, 28 September 2009

Canned Pork!!!

The Water fairy brand of canned pork product is a favourite in my family. I thought it would be nice to bring a can of it back to Glasgow when I came back this time around for Aa to have a taste. Oddly, Aa tells me that he eats cans of Ma Ling brand can pork when he was in primary school.. Yikes

Anyway, it was a late dinner for him and realising that there wasn't any food in the house he decided to open this can of oily goodness. Its by no means a kurobota pork but the flavourful stew mixture that it was cooked in sure brought back some old memories of childhood lunch time.

I didnt manage to get a snap shot of the finished dish which was basically garlic fried with the pork oil and then stir fried with chopped pork and some po chai (mustard greens?) yup. Smelt really good but when I finally went to see it, the dish has already gone into Aa's stomach.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Dilita Afrikana Peri-Peri Hot sauce Chicken

Chicken time again. Baked some lovely drumsticks for dinner the other night to go with my wafer chips. This time I tried an african sauce called Peri Peri. Its quite spicy and slightly sourish. There's barcelos in Vivocity which sells something quite similar. Over in the UK, we have nandos (http://www.nandos.co.uk/). I wished I had a grill or some sort to cook the chicken but I had to rely on my oven which was fine but the charred flavour would have given it that extra oo la la.

Here's a sample of the sauce that I used. Marinated the chicken in it overnight with some tomato ketchup and sugar to give it that caramalise taste. Just before throwing it in the over, I gave chicken a quick splash of lemon juice to help give the skin a crispy edge. Temperature 200 degrees celcius for about 20-25 mins.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Butter Lobster

Hey hey, here's the remaining 2 5 pounds lobster from Lidl. Well.. I din't eat them this time round as I was out. Aa pan fried them in a pool of garlic butter. It smelt really good. really good. Oh well.. will just have to wait for the next offer.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Rice Wars II: The Return of the Tong (Tub)

For a moment I thought it was going to be Revenge of the claypot but little did I know... out came the Tong!! haha. Good days of unlimited rice is back man.. Yup.. If you read the previous post, you will realise what this rice business is about. No more 2 pounds per person portions but heaps and heaps of rice and you know what... its Free of Charge... Shiok ah!

OK... we have been wanting to try this. Razor clams.. hmm.. yum yum .. These shellfish are actually produced widely in farms in Scotland and exported to countries around the world (Singapore Included) I think we paid 10.50pounds for 8 pieces which is around the same price as the ones in Singapore but we know of this place that sells 10 for 10.80.. Ah...cant wait to try it .

They tasted fresh and full of natural sweetness. The sauce that came with it was probably made from fish soya sauce but the addition of crispy garlic bits added a new dimension to it. I thought the vermicillin was a turn of initially but i soon realise that its purpose was to soak up the sauce to go along with the meat. Very clever...

Soya sauce chicken or oil chicken. Not as tender as I hoped for it to be. I think its because they took it from the super market next door and chop it up whenever this dish gets ordered. oh well.. At least the taste was there but otherwise, not a dish which I would order often unless I was craving for it like I was the other night.

X0 Sauce Pao(4) niu(2) Rou(4). well translated it means XO sauce BOOMZ beef meat.. certainly got me remembering about a certain Miss Low in Singapore. This dish.. hmm.. felt really deconstructed. It felt like eating the sauce on its own and then the meat and then the asparagus.. Nothing spectacular but at least it went well with the rice.

The good thing about this dish is probably the claypot that the tofu came out with. Taste wise... its was rather bland. The seafood tofu dish tasted better. Maybe we will try something more meaty the next time.

Lastly, miniature cakes. These are always lovely. Wished there were more. Oh .. and no free bread this time round but I don't mind as long as there s free rice lOL.

Seawoo Seafood Restaurant
The Point
29 Saracen Street
Hamilton Hill
Glasgow G22 5HT

T: +44 (0) 141 331 6105

Thursday, 17 September 2009


Its wraps night and C made guacamole and a beef sauce for the wraps.

K's been stayin with us for the last few days and this is his portion.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Dinner at Big G's

Got invited to Big G's house for dinner. His mum's cooking. Roasted chicken. Succulent and flavourful!.

Beef with black beans. Whole black beans!.

Red Thilapia, Interesting to find this fish here. Apparently available at See woo.. This dish tasted more hokkien than cantonese.

Don't forget your greens.

After Dinner chocolates. I had one.

and lots of fruits!!

Thanks to Big G and his Mum for their generous hospitality!!

Friday, 11 September 2009

CrabShakk Treat

For being a driver to and from the Royal, I got a treat from YR at guess where... CrabShakk. Strangely enough, she was craving for seafood. For a girl who does not eat fish often other than fishball, I found it really odd. I was reminded by her that seafood encompassess more than just fish and there are other things like prawns and scallops and LOBSTERS!!!.. oh well... guess what, I got the perfect place for it and at 2pm in the afternoon I doubt it will be crowded.

Suprisingly, the shop was still bustling with customers but we still managed to get a nice seat.

Here's the nice clam chowder which YR agress taste better than the crab bisque. I would have loved it to be slightly thinner in texture but it still work. Actually, when I mixed the chowder with the bisque, the end result tasted quite nice.

Here's the lovely scallops that I missed out the last time. Nice big juicy succulent fresh scallops swimming in an aromatic butter sauce. Ooo..... yum yum yum. The scallops were cooked to perfection. This had to be the best dish of the day.

Next up langoutines. Ermm.. they were alright lol. I still prefer prawns at the end of the day. The meat was tasteless but at least it met the minimum requirement of tasting fresh. The garlic butter provided a good flavour to the meat but other than that I wouldn't recommend this dish. Maybe I'll try the lobster next time LOL!!!!!

Burp.... Well.. here's the remains. I do hope they don't use it to go make some more bisque ... LOL


1114 Argyle Street
Glasgow G3 8TD

0141 334 6127

Crabshakk on Urbanspoon

Happy Birthday YR

We had a suprise birthday for YR on thursday at cafe Andaluz. Its her 2?th birthday. Din't manage to make a cake this time round but I thought I'll be nice and get her a chocolate cake instead lol. (Would have gotten the blue berry cheesecake but it would have cost a freaking 47.50 pounds!!!!)

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Dinner with K and WY at Loon Fung

Its been a week since my last post. Its not that I have not been eating nor because I have forgotten to take pictures but I've just been too busy lately... poo....... Looks like the routine's going to be like his in the coming weeks. Still... I miss blogging

Ok now for the food.. K came back to Glasgow from Dumfries over the weekend and was craving for some chinese food. I was there for 5 weeks.. and there's a severe lack of chinese food over there. Since WY was down with man flu, he order some simple yet delicious stuff.

First up is 3 cup chicken. I mentioned about this previously in another post of mine. It was piping hot when it came out and tasted really nice.

Pipa Tofu next. Bigger bits of prawn in these tofus compared to the ones at China blue. A nice gooey savoury sauce was used to boost up the nice neutral taste of the tofu.

Finally, a fresh seabass. Big fat juicy and yummy...


Loon Fung
417 Sauchiehall Street,
Glasgow, G2 3LG

P.S: I was looking at some of my past pictures and realise that actually.. I made a couple of these dishes before lol. However, having someone to cook the dishes for you while you wait to eat is a totally different experience.

P.S.S: 2000!!!! Thank you for the support!! 9/9/09

Friday, 4 September 2009

Zing (Pimp) my soup

This is not a herbal chicken soup. Its a Chicken Bah Kut Teh soup . Dosen't really make sense if you think about it . Where's the pork ribs? That's why its pimp that soup and of course I threw in some gouki seeds and mushrooms and for my flatmates, they like to throw in some tau kee in as well.

Here's one of the many versions out there. I find it really authentic and my advice for cooking some bah kut teh soup is to follow the instructions behind closely and use the right amount of water to get that nice Giamness (Saltiness)

Vanilla Caramel Nut

Yum yum, something new from Green and Black. Its great stuff man. Aa and I shared a tub and we were still craving for more. I wonder if they make a green tea flavour. Then again... highly unlikely. Its UK afterall..

Back to books...

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Loon Fung

Last thursday of the month is the first payday and guess who's got his first pay cheque. C was on nights so it was a boys night out with Aa and WY. Went to Lung feng for a change. WY wanted some tofu dish but it so happened that they have ran out of toufu!!! So we opted for niang san bao i.e. yong tou fu . It consists aubergines, bell peppers and toufu stuffed with fish paste and then stir fry in a black bean sauce. I actually like this dish alot. The sauce from asia style probably taste better but the packed veges here had more ommphf in them .

Seafood in XO sauce. Well the seafood kinda refered to cuttlefish prawns and scallopps. I was pretty suprised by the amount of scallops they have and how they were not cheapskate at all by not overloading the plate with cuttle fish.

The last dish was beef with liang gua i.e. bitter gourd. WY wanted this. He said the bitterness added a nice taste to the beef. eermm I am not sure if I agree with him on that. Afterall I am not a bitter gourd fan but the tender (artificially tenderised) beef was enough to satisfy me.


P.s. I am back to uni now so the post are really coming in much slower. I am still taking pictures jsut that I have no time to post it.


Loon Fung
417 Sauchiehall Street,
Glasgow, G2 3LG


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