Monday, 26 December 2011

Congratulations Dr & Mrs Lim



Just for the Record.. Congratulations to the Both of you !!!

Cail Bruich - Market Menu


Merry Xmas one and all. Its great to be back blogging again. I do miss it but work does take over the better half of my time.

Met up with some year mates at Cail Bruich one weekeday evening to try out the market menu.
17.95 quid for 3 courses
14.95 for 2 courses.


Whiskey Cured Oak Salmon with Lemon CApers, creme Fraiche and Herbs. Nice plated and not looking like it was ready to fill you up even before the main course.


Venison liver Parfait, apricot, pear & saffron chutney, toasted sourdough bread. Didn't realise that parfait is also known as pate... Good thing the chutney did well to mask the gamey taste of the pate. still a nice dish though


Hake, ratte potatos, sprouting broccoli, Seville Orange Hollandaise. Greatly pan fried fish, fresh veggies, and creamy potatos. The seville orange hollandaise sauce provided a nice tangy kick to the fresh fish.


Braised Pork Cheeks, Pureed Potatos, baby onions, Lardon, mushrooms, parsley.


A very competent brownie. Simple pleasures. mAximUm Satisfaction.

Cail Bruich West
725, Great Western Rd,

G12 8QX

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