Sunday, 29 May 2011

Summer Caesar Salad

I love Caesar Salad. Its got Great taste, Great texture and Great Colour

But wait for the anti-climax...


Its got nothing to do with The Great Julius Caesar

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Back in e Takeaway Business

Hey Hey we are back in business again. Quite glad I manged to get some soup cups this time around

Photo Courtesy of Lyn

All the best for the exams. I still believe you'all will be fine.

P.s. : ?

Monday, 16 May 2011

Half Price Frappucino

I've got to tell you this before the offer runs out. HALF PRICE FRAPPUCINO between 3-5pm till the 22nd of may. Check out their FB page

I got 2 Ventis for only 3.70. That's 1.85 each...

Here's a list of their beverage menu for you to check out

Starbucks Coffee Co.
252 Byres Road
Glasgow G12 8SH

Tel: 0141 357 5318

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Jiapui's Favourites

Woopie. I have finally updated my pages link. You can see on the link tab there's a new tab called Jiapui's Favourite. Under that section, you will find some of my favourite restaurants and homecook recipes.

It is my wish that you can try these restaurants one of these days and share in the joy that I have taken out of eating at these wonderful establishments.

The recipes that I have posted have been tried and test. If you are up for it, have a go and recreating them.

A Treat at Ubiquitous

My 2nd visit to Ubiquitous Chip. The 1st being my birthday. I was here today with KrS & Yg under their lunch invitation. This would be their 7th time at the chip having been gastronomically impressed by the food on many previous occasions.

They have chosen this place for lunch so that we could all try their 40th anniversary lunch menu.

We started off with a basil velouté with a red chilli dressing. Courtesy of the chefs. I found the taste pretty good. very basilly is probably the freshest way to describe it. It was meant to be a cold soup which if you think about it actually ties in with the sunny weather.

Next up Smoked makeral with potato salad and tomato oil dressing. Slightly less cold than the veloute. The fish was as expected very fishy just as I would expect a makeral to be. Seems to pair really well with the potato salad. My taste buds haven't gotten used to eating smoked fish other than salmon.

The names of the dishes are very fancy. This one if i recall correctly is the pan fried scallops na Garvellach. We were all amazed by the taste of the scallop. We all felt it tasted like an Otak but made with scallop. The coral sauce was an absolutely delight but I just don't know what went into it.

The mains was a pan fried guinea fowl breast with roasted squash, beetroot puree, prune and armagnac chutney. Damm Good man. Chicken was moist and skin was ultra crispy. The sauces arent normally ones that would entice me but they did do the trick to spice up the chicken taste.

Dessert was a belgian chocolate cushion with peppermint mousse and milk sorbet.
First time having milk sorbet. Yummy

The 40th annivasary menu was meant to last a year but it seems to have been taken down now. Anyhow, I am sure you will be able to find something worthwhile from the ala carte menu.

Thanks Krs and Yg !!!

Ubiquitous Chip

8-12 Ashton Lane
Glasgow, G12 8SJ
0141 334 5007

Open :
Mon-Thu 11am-10:45pm;
Fri-Sat 11am-11:45pm
Sun 12:30pm-10:45pm

Ubiquitous Chip on Urbanspoon

Monday, 2 May 2011

Lochleven Seafood Cafe

The anticipation of visiting the Best Scottish Seafood Restaurant 2011 was building up throughout the day. Its not everyday that we get so hyped up by a restaurant and when our research on restaurants around Ben Nevis eventually brought us to the Lochleven Seafood Cafe Website, we were truly salivating at the pictures of the wonderful platters that they serve.

View Larger Map

The journey to Fort Williams took approximately 2 and a 1/2 hours from Glasgow. In case you are wondering, we did not travel all the way up for this but having eaten here, we actually might.
Finding the place would be easy if you follow the signs and persevere on. Heading up north, once you have passed the Balluchullish Bridge on A82, look out for the Tourist information sign (brown in colour) and turn right onto B863. From there, it is another 4.4miles down the road. If you ever feel worried you are lost, dont.. because we felt the same as it seem like a never ending drive. I reassure you the cafe is there even though the picture seem to suggest just a barren pitch of grassland.

Loud cheers were heard all round the car when we eventually found it. True to their philosophy of letting the natural flavours of the seafood speak for itself, they have kept their establish simple and allowed the natural landscape to take centre stage. Nestled next to the shores of Lochleven with stunning views of the loch and landscape, this cafe was started five years ago as an addition to its sister Company, LochLeven Shellfish. In my opinion this is probably the best way of getting the freshest of seafood: from Loch to distribution centre and straight to your dinner plate.

It was 830pm when we arrived. I am glad C had the foresight to book the place as I heard it tends to fill up quite quickly. Seriously, you don't want to make a trip up and stare at the happy diners whilst you chomp on your fish and chips.

Enough said. Let's move on to food !!! < (: )))>< ~~~

Hot Roasted shellfish in Aioli for 2

The platters were their signature dishes and these come in hot and cold version. In addition to these, you could order specific seafood like langoustines, scallops, mussells and lobsters as an individual main dish. The menu also features an alternate menu for the non seafood lovers which gets refreshed every so often .

Stop hiding you Lobster

There were plenty of wows and oohhss not just from our table but from the neighbouring tables as well as everyone tried to take in the visual spectacle. Every formidable shellfish that Scotland had to offer was on this plate (haha I think*). I couldn't wait to "dive" in but me being the avid food photographer had to stall back my hungry eaters for your visual and reading pleasure.

Cold enough for 2

The Cold platter for 2 turned out to be equally amazing and overloaded. I am salivating again as I look at the pictures. (will need some excuse to go back again for the food)

Since it was 4 of us sharing 2 plates of 2 person platters, I got to try most of the seafood cooked in both ways except for a couple. The lobster was eaten cold and there was just something about the coldness that reminded me of the sea and automatically freshness. The meat was definitely succulent and it was as if the coldness had preserved in the umami taste.

The brown crabs were huge like HUGE!!!. Ok you can't compare them to Sri Lankan crabs but by the scottish standards, these were your big brothers. I had these served roasted. As expected, it lack the sweetness of its other species. I did not enjoy this as much as I hope but hey I've got plenty more seafood to eat.

The mussels and clams were sweet. After many rounds of cold mussels, cold clams, hot mussels and hot clams, I came to the conclusion that the cold clams tasted the best. That bread by the was yummy. It tasted like a banana bread and was extremely good when you soak it in the seafood juices from the hot platter.

Loving langoustines for once. These were huge, succulent and tasted as sweet as prawns. Be it hot or cold, they were absolutely fabulous.

I have forgotten to take pictures of the razor clams. Too hungry I guess.

The initial plan was to have 6 platters for 4 of us .. haha.. but we settled just for an additional plate of scallops with soy dressing.

Dinner ended at 1030pm.... and it was 1am by the time we got back.

Well.. You can always argue that most of the ingredients can be found in Glasgow, but when it comes to freshness, this place triumphs in all ways.
There you have it. One of the best places I have eaten in Scotland.

Lochleven Shellfish
Loch Leven,
Fort William, PH33 6SA
Phone: 0185 582 1444


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