Monday, 31 May 2010

Whitley Road Big Prawn Noodle @ Old Airport Road

We decided to drop by Old Airport Road hawker centre on our way back from Ah Gong's. If you've been to this place, you will know that there are many stalls to choose from. SO many it can be difficult to settle on something if you haven't already got something in mind. Such was the case when we got there. I knew I wanted a soursop juice because I like that and apparently the one at Mellock's quite good.

Eventually, I settled for "I ll choose what people are having and it looks good". That brought me to the prawn noodle store along the first row facing the road. My intial thought when I saw no queue was "jialat" maybe not nice. No la. actually auntie wrote down the orders and invited us to take a seat.

The prawn noodles came in 4/5/8/12. ALamakz... how to choose like that. No description whatsoever as to what the price meant also. So I went for 5 and the auntie said.. oh does are only medium sized prawns.. I was like "huh"...

okok .. lets go for $8. ... Then auntie went "ok $8 will be big prawns"...

DIn't take long for the noodles to come and yup 4 large prawn halves in a bowl of its own. haha Serving the prawn and noodles separately in 2 bowls does make it look more like an expensive dish . Its like ordering chicken rice and having the rice on one plate and the chicken chopped up with garnishes on a separate boat plate.

Taste wise good and got the umami factor... Prawn stock was rich enough for my liking. The prawns were of a nice bounce but seem devoid of its prawny taste. They have a dry version as well which I'll try another time .

There's too many stuff to eat here. HOw to finish eating????

P.s : anyone allergic to prawn?

Whitley Road Big Prawn Noodle
Blk 51 Old Airport Road
#01-98 Old Aiport Road Food Centre
Singapore 390051

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Crabs @ Eng Seng

Meeting at 5 for dinner would be too early for most people but when you want to eat crab at Eng Seng, you better turn up early or endure the painful wait of watching the early birds prey on the crab delicacies. That or risk the sheer pain of having no crab to eat at all.

So the "meet the friend" session began at 5 with the legendary Lady General taking orders from us. Frankly, I din't know she had that notorious until I read some other reviews and blogs online. She must be in a good mood that day.

We ordered 5 crabs: 3 done with black pepper sauce and 2 chilli crab style. You get a choice of small or big crab but the LG quickly recommended the smaller ones. The black pepper crab proved to be a hit with my taste buds. Don't know what she did with the sauce but it was smooth and peppery unlike the one which I made earlier which felt a bit more grainy. I wonder if any dark sweet soy sauce went into this dish because the sauce mixture does look quite black.

Here's the chilli crab version. My conclusion after the multiple crab eating sessions is that pepper crab trounces chilli crab. Sweet and savoury still dosen't work for me. This was still good nevertheless. Oh Auntie had no mantou but she has bread lol.. Nah... let's pass on that

Bo cai or chinese spinach. This dish came first but got neglected once the crab appeared lol.

House special youtiao. Not bad but nothing to rave about. Look at the liquidity of the salad cream.

Finally some mee goreng to supplement the meal. Quite good leh. Reminds me of my primary school mee goreng with the touch of a wok hei WOK.. lol

I drove past the place at 10 in the evening and it was already close. So... make sure make sure you come early for your crabs. You won't regret it. Head to this for desserts later.

Eng Seng Restaurant
247 Joo Chiat Place
Tel: 64405560
Opening Times: 4.30pm to around 8pm

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Maggi Goreng, Upper Thomson

We were still hungry after the wine and fine food so we ended up in Upper Thomson Road. THere's alot to eat despite the time and I beleive its due to its good location from major roads and the expressway.

I had some maggi goreng which is essentially maggi mee boiled and fried ala mee goreng style. Can't get any simplier than that but I won't do it at home because its just too leche..

It was nice and satisfied any residual hunger I had.

Friday, 28 May 2010

EN Dining, UE Square

Shg's the man when it comes to "atas" dining. Afterall, he's the lawyer/social animal who frequently does these sort of fine dining. I was given a choice of Jap or Italian and went with the former as I don have this habit of eating Italian back home.

He recommended En Dining which offers mainly sushi and sashimi dishes. It serves mainly food from the Okinawa prefecture which has influence from Taiwan and the US, due to its proximity to its neighbour and the US military presence in that region.

Anyhow, they were offering a 50% discount on the sushi and sashimi menu between 6pm - 8pm.

Fish anyone?? I find the calamsi quite extraordinary

My sushi platter. Fish was fresh and extremely delicate. Yum yum. The wasabi was wah... IMBa.. I think i overdosed on it.

Wafu Beef. I couldn't find anything called Wafu beef. Its not wagyu issit? The closest I got was wafu dressing which was a vinaigrette-type salad dressing based on soy sauce, rice vinegar and vegetable oil.

En Japanese Dining Bar @ River Valley
207 River V

#01-57 UE Square

Singapore 238275


65 6735 2212
Opening Hours:

Sun to Thurs 6pm to 12am

Fri, Sat & Eve of PH 6pm to 3am

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Just the Usual Home Cooked dishes

Ngor Hiang is always nice. !!!

Spicy Brinjal. Looks can be deceiving

Soy Sauce Ginger Pork!!

Vegetables with Fish cake!!


Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Lee Kui (Ah Hoi), TEochew Restaurant.

We went to Lee Kui (Ah Hoi) Teochew restaurant yesterday. Can't remember when was the last time i actually ate in a proper Teochew restaurant. This place is an institution. You know its one of those old school restaurants the moment you walk in. The deco, the smell, the display and the old aunties who triple up as waitresses and cashiers and chit chatters. Some would say the ambiance is old fashion but if you look at it in another way, the authenticity and classiness of the restaurant sets the mood for one of the best places for Teochew food.. Of course cooked by Teochew Ah Hias (Brother).

I had crab again lol.. All you overseas folks don't get jealous. This time, cold young sri lankan mud crab steamed. Teochew cuisine prides in drawing on the natural taste of food as highlighted by how we like to eat steam fish. WHy Cold ... I don know... but they sure taste quite nice.

There was quite a bit of roe in the crab. Its acquired taste. NOt sure how many of you will like it.

Fried dou miao with salted fish. Green veg is always nice but abit on the ex side.!! $15???? I would expect things like veg to be cheap in Singapore since its so widely available.

Ti Kia fish. lol. I cant find the English name of this fish but basically its a fish which you normally have to strip off the rubbery skin. The fish is often stir-fry in ginger and soy sauce.

Braised duck for Teochews in contrast to Roast duck for the cantonese. Goose meat used to be the norm until AVA decided to put a ban on it. The duck meat was however sub standard. The meat was dry and the tofu that came with it was extremely rubbery. Go to a duck rice store if you want to eat duck meat lol.

We had some white radish, cuttlefish and pork rib soup as well. Very tasty.

P.s Sorry Hnnh and Kris for making you drool over the crab pics lol.

Lee Kui (Ah Hoi) Restaurant
8 Mosque St
Singapore 059488
Tel: 62223654

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Chickenn Ricee

Where in the world can you find a decent, cheap chicken rice at 1130 in the night.....

hhahaha.. Yup I had this for supper.... Satisfying...


First dinner at home. Nutritious corn carrot and Rib Sooup

Fish cake with eggs

Stewed can pork with chai xin

Pepper Squid.

Still Jet lagging........................................

Monday, 24 May 2010

Yong He Eating House, Geylang Lorong 27a

I like it when things are cheap and good at the same time. 2 dollars for a bowl of fresh soya bean and a stick of you tiao (fried dough). Yum yum. This restaurant used to be further down Geylang road near lorong 9 but has move to a bigger premise on Lorong 22a not Lorong 22.

The bowl of soya came without sugar which you can spike with the cane sugar they have left on the table. The doughy sticks are fresh and very crispy and extremely oily. Somehow i like them a little more soggy.

Yong He Eating House
517 Geylang Road
(Near Lorong 27A)
Open 24hrs

Dinner at the Zi Char Stall.

We went to the zi char store outside my place for dinner.. I think I was more looking forward to sleeping than eating but hey lol.. you've got to eat right lol.. We ordered mud crab with bee hoon. Not bad la. The sauce has got a wine taste and the flavours of the fried shallots

Seafood roll. Their Speciality dish.

Pork ribs with yam... Fails....

Tau kee with kailan.. Ok la..

Hot plate tofu.

This is part one lol.. met up with TIDC for supper after that lol.

Emirates Business Class Meal

And so I did upgraded my Gla-DXB leg to business. I was so looking forward to being pampered a wee bit for my flight home. Some of you might know that I am a keen reader of where you can find out all the gossips and latest news about the airliner industry. I particularly like the trip report section which showcases the different flight journeys that people have taken, especially the business and first class flights. I probably should have done a trip report myself but hahaha I was too lazy and just wanted to chill...

First up. Canapes. There was smoked fish on oat crackers, marinated prawns on crusty bread and spicy chicken in a tart pastry. All of them tasted nice. Also, they don't automatically give u peanuts. I was asked to choose between nuts or canapes. Nah... why have nuts lol.. you can get them on the streets lol.. Our lunch orders were taken at the same time.

Anyway the Uncle next to me look abit stunned when I took out my camera haha.. He seemed like a frequent flyer from how he worked effortlessly through the seat controls and foldable dining table whilst the cookoo in me fumbled a wee bit. lol.. I thought it would have been quite funny if I acted abit more swakoo but hahaha.... nah... Didn't want to turn him off.

*Oh oh oh...cookoo and swakoo are not the same types of "koo".... cookoo is what I call a pigeon or a blur person whilst swakoo is a mountain tortoise aka an ignorant person.

The table was set and the appetiser + salad were served. Salad was crisp and fresh with a thousand island dressing. I got to choose my bread too. Picked a nutty one.

Warm smoked trout with greens. Quite nice man. slightly fishy but not off putting. I fell asleep after this hhahaha. must be the champagne and lack of sleep from the night before.

I woked up only when the stewardess came around with her trolley. I choosed herb crusted lamb, potatos, spinach and carrot. Lamb was juicy and tender though i couldn't figure out what sort of herb crusting they used. Potatos were overcooked. so was the carrot but the spinach was fine. I took garlic bread this time round. Bad choice. really dry and non garlicky

Chocolate moose cake with a vanilla anglaise (Englishs) plus a cup of Earl Grey and Godiva chocolate.

I went back for a second helping of fruits hehehe ..... Greedy...

Well.. the meal took quite a while and by the time it was over we were already 3 hours into the flight. Sadly, we din't get anymore food after that.... Overall, it was a nice experience but I felt that Emirates could have done better with the food. hahah till next time...

Bye bye Scotland. Any guess where this is ??

Sunday, 23 May 2010


If you pester me hard and long enough (like 3 months), I'll probably be convinced/forced to cook crab for you lol.... Nah... Actually I was meant to do this when I went back to Glasgow 9 weeks ago but just never had time to do it with all the p4p stuff and misc. appointments. Quite relieved that I finally managed to procure some crab from See Woo and whip up this famous Singaporean dish.

There were a choice of 3 crabs namely, the canadian crabs which cost 18 pounds per kilo, the wee tiny crabs with no name and no price and the English/Scottish Crabs priced at 5 pounds per kilo. No idea why the crabs were given an identity crisis but I believe these are what Wikipedia calls Edible crab or cancer pagurus. I call it brown crab because it looks brown when cooked. We eventually got 3 crabs for a total of 12 pounds 25 pence. The uncle was kind enough to chop up the crab ladies. I would have done it but I doubt Aa will be happy with the crab blood bath later lOL!.

So we got 2 sauces. Both of which from Singapore.. NO idea what they taste like but hey .. it can't be that bad rite. 2 pounds for the black pepper sauce and 5.25 sing for the prima taste chilli crab sauce. The instructions are given on the back of the package and are pretty straightforward.

Give it a good wash in cooking oil. I was waiting for the shell to turn bright red but I found out after a while that not all crabs change colour like cooked mud crabs .

Tada !!! Cooked BROWN crabs lol.

Here's the Black pepper crab. This sauce packet is very easy to use. Just fry up some onions and then the sauce and then the crab. Taste of the pepper sauce was AWESEOME!... I wasn't a fan of black pepper crab when I first tried it in SIngapore (maybe its becos they overdose on the black pepper) but this sauce packet had the right amount of pepperiness and seafood flavour. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this sauce pack for u black pepper crab lovers or any kind of seafood or meat.

Chilli Crab!!!.. The prima taste packet had more sauces to work with but if YR can do it. I am sure u can too.. I preferred the taste of the black pepper crab to this sauce. Guess its the sweetness which I din fancy. We had mantou as well to mop up the sauces.

If you ask me about the taste of the crab meat itself. I'll say..... stick to your flower crab or mud crab. This crab ain't the most sweet and needs a bit of seasoning or sauce to bring out its flavour. Maybe I'll steam it someday and give u a better perspective of its taste.

We had spicy chinese chicken wings as well..

and mee siam which was a total failz lO!L

Arms made orange cake. Lovely orange aroma from the peel.

VERY VERY GOOD chocolate cake. From Arm as well.

YR made lychee jelly.

All in all a very nice dinner...

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Land of Pasta and Pizza: Rome, Italy


So here are the pics from Rome... I was really looking forward to this trip mainly to see the various sights and to taste some yummy italian food. Mamma MIa.....At the end of the trip, I conclude that Rome is good for food but not the best place probably. The positives and negatives were divided 50-50. For one, avoid the restaurants in the tourist trapped areas. Second, the wee restaurant down the alley might just be the best restaurant in your entire trip. Third, EAT YOUR GELATO... Its freaking gooodd!!!... Four,... Definately try some homemade pasta. Five,... man I don know what they put in their food but it really taste different from what you get back in the UK..... I am glad I threw a coin into Trevi cosI am hoping I ll be back again to sample dishes from other parts of italy. Anyway... Enjoy the pics

Arc of Constantine

Via dellia Conciliazone

I love Vongole Pasta

The plate that lead to WY's Angioedema


Homemade pasta is gooood.

Yummmm !!!!!!

Trevi Fountain

Amazing pesto sauce and super sweet Tomato

Pancetta Ham Pizza

Temple of Saturn

Super Beef balls and kick-ass Tomato sauce

Loving my seafood.. Yum YUm Yunm

Bye Rome.......


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