Sunday, 23 October 2011

Hummingbird - London Musings Part 2

Just not too far from where Yauwatcha was, we found the legendary Hummingbird Bakery.
I wasn't too excited about them after overloading myself with Dim sum but my dear friend tells me I have to buy some for my flatmates.


I got myself 2 for breakfast the next day and another 6 for my flatmates. At almost 2 pounds per muffin, these were by no means cheap. Somehow the bill came up to 24 pounds -__-......


10/10 for packaging but I just wasn't overwhelmed by the whole luxury muffin concept.
I m probably being biased here so please try it for yourself .

I 'll take a krispy kreme anyday.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Yauatcha - London Musings Part 1


Mum says there's always a first time for everything. When it comes to food she will say "try if don like don eat." Haha, the rebellious little me at that time obviously turned a deaf ear. Nowadays, I realised that she dosen't walk the talk herself when I ask her to try some food. haha

So...... My First Michelin Star. (I checked the dictionary to make sure I got it rite). My first ONE star restaurant dining experience. Guess what at a DIM SUM RESTAURANT !!!! -__-" Seriously?
I totally didn't expect it but WY insisted that we check it out. Can't be help, I was too hungry to convince him to head to a cheaper china town alternative where I could probably eat twice as much for half the price.
Then again.... a michelin star restaurant.... A Michelin star DIM summm Restaurant.. hmmm... I wonder ... I wonder


I couldnt figure out what to order . Siu Mai Har gao? my mind just couldnt come to terms with ordering something so casual. i wanted to be blown away by some creative dim sum. It was a Michelin star restaurant afterall.

Let's just say we started with the congee. Quite arty fartsy eh? Simple pork congee but met all expectations.


I just had to satisfy my curiosity of a michelin star siu mai. Can you see the scallop? and instead of crab roe they have used Tobiko
Nice ! and just enough for me to be impressed.
What was more impressive was how the European waiter was able to repeat all our orders in almost perfect cantonese


Again to satisfy my curiosity. This was somewhat underwhelming. It was nothing out of the ordinary. Ok... I have to give them credit for using a piece of banana leaf instead of cheapo wax paper for plating.


Wy highly recommended the venison char siew su. Ah ha . A touch of "atahness" using venison instead of charsiew. The verdict: tasted almost like a charsiew su with the marinate dominating most of the flavours. The gaminess of the venison was just enough to permeate through the sweet flavours. Maybe thats the whole idea.


I can't remember what these were called but its char siew on the inside wrapped around by a crust that tasted like the top crust of bo lo bao. It was super yummy. The crust might even contain some baby powder. Very clever dish and one of my favourites that afternoon.


Jasmine Smoked ribs. Ok only..... better off drinking jasmine tea and eating charsiew pork ribs.


Roasted duck Pumpkin puff. This for me represents what Michelin dim sum is about. Creative use of ingredients you least expect in the creation of a delectable dim sum that is pleasant to the eye and on the palate. *

I may go back again but with so many other Michelin star restaurants and better cheaper chinese restaurants, this restaurant wont be on my return list anytime soon
Nevertheless, a "palette" opener that one needs to TRY at least once hahah

15 Broadwick St Map
Soho, UK W1F 0DL
Tel: 020 7494 8888

Yauatcha on Urbanspoon

Monday, 10 October 2011

Chinese Kitchen - Savoy Centre

Many thanks to my CCU sister for introducing me to this terrific Malaysian Cafe. There was no way I was going to discover it on my own because its in the middle of SAVOY CENTRE. This place is what I consider the Singapore equivalent of Bukit Timah plaza and Katong Shopping Centre but less "hip". Seriously, the only people who go there are the grannies and uncles who convene for their Weegie chitty chattery over lots of sugar overloaded pastries. (Ok I lied. I secretly go there for bubble tea hahaha)

I was really surprise to be greeted by a scene of mainland chinese and BBCs chowing down on what looked like wanton mee and horfun. Amongst them, the local Angmohs were seen eating the usual chicken curry chow fan and "Singaporean Fried Noodles".

My fears were only alleviated when I saw the Chinese character menu and spoke to the Malaysian waitress. I knew I was in for a treat.


Aa ordered an aromatic plate of Malaysian beef curry rice. Yes, it looks like any other curry but when you take the first bite. "Boleh la~!" "Sedap man!" I could almost start speaking Malay. It was really that good. Maybe they used a premix maybe but whatever it is, I wouldn't mind eating it again.


I obviously went for my favourite dish. Quite ironic eh to be eating Chicken rice cooked by a Malaysian. What to do, unless I open a store, God knows when will we see a restaurant here opened by a Singaporean.

By time this was served, the Lao Ban Niang (Lady boss) who spotted my "attention seeking" camera came over to say harlo. Instantly, she knew we were from Singapore. Suprise !! -__-
Soon after she started explaining to me that this store has been around for some time. She din hesitate to do abit of PR (not the kind that I get involved with at work) and kindly informed us that the kitchen is not open on Sunday and in the evenings BUT! they have a sister store on Cambridge Street which opens in the night.

Going back to the chicken rice, the star of the dish was the chilli. It was fresh, tangy and garlicky. The chicken was not the plump silky version but was good enough for me just as the rice was shiok enough for me to want another plate.


I wasn't sure if it was a lunch time offer but the main meals all come with a free drink. Not bad rite ~ ! £7.5 -8.5 for a main meal plus free drink. The drink I had was called San se cha. I couldn't make out what it was initially but when it came, it made visual sense. 茶 was a multi layered tea of milk tea, more milk (maybe coconut milk) and GULA melaka

Innovatively impressive.

Its been awhile since I wrote such a lengthy post but this place really does deserve a visit.

p.s: NO I DIDN't get a discount or free meal !! for this post haha

Chinese Kitchen
Savoy Centre Sauchiehall St
Glasgow, G1 1
(0141) 333 0067
Open Mon to Sat till 5pm
Close Sunday.

67 Cambridge St
Glasgow G3 6

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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Breakfast @The Drake

The flat stumbled upon this wee breakfast place tucked away in a basement along woodlands road.

French Toast bigger than the size of your palm with organic honey

A full scottish fry up bound to heighten all lipid levels.

Its nothing to wow about but at least, its convinient, cosy relatively cheap and does the job of satisfying one's breakfast craving.

I shall return.

p.s: only available for weekend brunch

The Drake
1 Lynedoch Street
, G3 6EF

Sunday, 2 October 2011

When you have Pandan Leaves, You make Pandan Chicken

What a find. They actually do sell pandan leaves in SeeWoo. 2 quid for a huge bunch. Considering these grow like weed in my backyard. 2 quid is actually quite expensive.
Can't helped it. these leaves took the long haul flight from Thailand to UK.

After deboning some chicken thighs and drumsticks, I simply rolled the pandan leaves over them to make little flat parcels. You could either fry, bbq or bake them. I went for the fuss free option of baking them.

Taste wise I would have prefered them pan fried or bbqed. Nevertheless, these batch turned out marvellous.

The remaining leaves were used to make Nasi Lemak. YUM YUM YUM

Check out the recipe I got off here.


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