Tuesday, 17 November 2009


The lack of posts recently can only be attributed to one thing..... Time.... I am still eating though lol... My stomach is like an alarm clock that rings inappropriately during lectures and clinics, never ceasing to remind that I should be eating more for breakfast and less often at midnite.

Moving on... this was a meal from some time ago at rumours when C was on nights and it was just Aa and I. He had Singaporean laksa which didn't taste like it at all. Obviously from inspection alone, you will notice the charsiew is pretty out of place. Taste wise, he din't think it tasted like Singapore laksa but more like a coconutty curry broth.

I went for Malaysian Mee sua. First impression was "wah got Pork lard!!" Aa was more excited than me and hurried to help me finish off those little fatties. Taste wise, it reminded me of a childhood noodle dish that I used to "dabao" from the cze char store near my place. Ok la but I felt the Singaporean mee sua dish tastes better.

Will try and post when I am free. Like noW! lol

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

A nice meal from C

This is definately a unique sauce from Prima Taste. I heard of this method of using laksa paste to cook fried a while back so I was quite fired up to find out how tasty this dish can get.

There you go!. The paste as a nice brownish colour to the rice, top with it up with some crabsticks (yes you do get crab sticks in supermarkets here) and you get a nice plate of uniquely singaporean laksa fried rice. I must say the fragrance of the paste did more than enough to whet my appetite. The taste itself was like laksa with the full aroma of laksa leaves lingering on with each mouthful sans the "jelat" (cloying) taste of excess coconut milk that you get with some laksa noodles.

We had a bowl of egg drop soup as well haha. SOmething i never get at home because most soups are freshly cooked. Egg drop soup is basically a simple mixture of a premix with water and of course the egg drop.

On top of all that, some stir fry honey spare ribs. Totally sticky and yummy but boy was it a pain to wash up the pan after. lol

Thanks C

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Seafood on Saturday

I am still alive !! at least more alive than the razor clams. A spur of the moment decision led me to these great purchases at Seewoo. 16 prawns red leg variety for 5 quid and another 10 razor clams for 5 quid. Not bad eh? I didn't realise the clams were still alive until I tried to clean them up. They totally shutup on me as I slit my knife through the meat. Afterall, I am still a newbie when it comes to dealing with these delicious mozzles. Check out the following videos

Prawns stir-fried in oyster and tomato sauce

Razor clams stir-fried in garlic

Veges Aa style

Ritey.. Thats all for now ... back to work....

Monday, 2 November 2009

Haagen Daaz Chocolate Ice cream

When the studying gets on your nerves..
All you need is some chocolate ice cream and a banana...


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