Monday, 28 December 2009

Christmas Day Dinner

Merry Christmas all... Had a small dinner at my place on the 25th with some friends. Above is the Christmas tree in the living room decorated by C. Aa made most of the food and we just helped out.

Oakcakes topped with smoked salmon, creme fraiche, fake cavier lol

Roasted potatos with dripping. No Goose fat this time.

Lots of vegetables. Brussel sprouts, carrots, beans

The mains: Honey baked ham and Roasted beef rib

yum yum yum.

Here's my plate.

Pondoro. Very nice.

For desserts: Strawberries and chocolate

More leftovers for dinner: The HBH tasted better

My plate with mash and salad.

Stay tuned for the New Year's Day dinner.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

German Christmas Market, Glasgow

Hey All!... I am Still alive despite the snowy weather that has been peppering the quiet streets of byres road. It dosen't snow much over here but this year seems to be a little different. 7 weeks to exams and you can probably guess why I haven't been posting often but I thought I shall take some time off the books and post some pictures from the weekend visit to the German Xmas market at St Enoch's. Gosh its been 2 years i think since i came to this little fair tuck at the south end of Buchanon street.

Well.. Most of these fairs are pretty standard and sell the usual christmasy stuff like artificial snow, xmas lightings, xmas trees, blah blah blah and lotsa candies which kids love.

There we go... a candy shop with lotsa lotsa candies. I used to love these alot especially the cola ones. Not that I don't like them anymore but rather I've found more interesting stuff to eat

Food's the biggest attraction for me at such markets and the main reason why I have come all the way from the comfort of my room to -4 in the open.. brrr...

Goulash and potatos..

Some yummy yummy German sausage. I had one. Super duper oily

And I had another beef burger.

To be honest, the food was ok only and definately was overcharged but it was the novelty of eating out in the cold and doing the whole xmasy activity that made it memorable.

Before we made our way out, we stumbled upon this!!!!!!

A huge candy store selling chooclates and nuts. As you can see they are really overpriced. 8 pieces of grapes for 2 pounds ... hmm... IT WAS WORTH IT... SO GOOD !!!!! I bought a strawberry for C on K's recommendation

Sugar coated nuts. Got Aa a packet.

More yummy ginger bread cookies with sugary frosting

Can't wait for Xmas and the boxing day sales.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Rice Wars III: The Bowl Strikes BacK!!!

Alamaks... Just when I thought the rice bowl would never be set upon my table again, I was proven wrong. The moment the waitress ask us how many bowls of rice we wanted, an air of suspicion surround the table and we were presented with the horrible truth.. . Sighz... (See Part I and Part II here)

Align Centre

Complimentary soup. Less salty today and more "gum" bitterrishh?

Aa's favourite Yam duck. Ok la ..

Oysteregg? haha not quite. Some sort of teochew clam egg... ok only la..

Beef Horfun. C's request. This was good. A tad oily

Papaya Soup Dessert. Nice way to emulsify all that fatiness.

Wait... no favourite dish for myself?? ....... NO ... because my favourite rice was ruined...... it was so heavily pressed into the claypot bowls that it somehow lost its fluffiness and tasted dry.... Sianess... At least there was horfun..

Been really busy with studying... so fewer and fewer post coming in but watch out for the Christmas postings coming up. Aa is whipping up a feast.!!!!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

A Soy-Dinner with Flatmates

Mapo-Tofu, A big favourite in the flat, made with long-lasting soft tofu from J-Centre

C's favourite beancurd skin and mushroom in a soy sauce broth

Less than 70 days to go... ... Reminds me of A level days... ...

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Bar Soba

A quick post from one of my dinner socials a couple of weeks back at Bar Soba. I have omitted the food because they were really not up to mark. The deserts on the other hand were ompfalicious.

Above is a mojito vanilla icecream topped with fresh berries. It certainly packed the right combination of alcoholic kick and minty essence to conclude my meal

Some of the others had the vanilla cheesecake. One of the better ones around in Glasgow as most mentioned that it was dense, flavourful and was made even better but the rich chocolate ice cream.

Bar Soba
11 Mitchell Lane
Glasgow, G1 3NU
Tel: 0141 204 2404

Tuesday, 17 November 2009


The lack of posts recently can only be attributed to one thing..... Time.... I am still eating though lol... My stomach is like an alarm clock that rings inappropriately during lectures and clinics, never ceasing to remind that I should be eating more for breakfast and less often at midnite.

Moving on... this was a meal from some time ago at rumours when C was on nights and it was just Aa and I. He had Singaporean laksa which didn't taste like it at all. Obviously from inspection alone, you will notice the charsiew is pretty out of place. Taste wise, he din't think it tasted like Singapore laksa but more like a coconutty curry broth.

I went for Malaysian Mee sua. First impression was "wah got Pork lard!!" Aa was more excited than me and hurried to help me finish off those little fatties. Taste wise, it reminded me of a childhood noodle dish that I used to "dabao" from the cze char store near my place. Ok la but I felt the Singaporean mee sua dish tastes better.

Will try and post when I am free. Like noW! lol

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

A nice meal from C

This is definately a unique sauce from Prima Taste. I heard of this method of using laksa paste to cook fried a while back so I was quite fired up to find out how tasty this dish can get.

There you go!. The paste as a nice brownish colour to the rice, top with it up with some crabsticks (yes you do get crab sticks in supermarkets here) and you get a nice plate of uniquely singaporean laksa fried rice. I must say the fragrance of the paste did more than enough to whet my appetite. The taste itself was like laksa with the full aroma of laksa leaves lingering on with each mouthful sans the "jelat" (cloying) taste of excess coconut milk that you get with some laksa noodles.

We had a bowl of egg drop soup as well haha. SOmething i never get at home because most soups are freshly cooked. Egg drop soup is basically a simple mixture of a premix with water and of course the egg drop.

On top of all that, some stir fry honey spare ribs. Totally sticky and yummy but boy was it a pain to wash up the pan after. lol

Thanks C

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Seafood on Saturday

I am still alive !! at least more alive than the razor clams. A spur of the moment decision led me to these great purchases at Seewoo. 16 prawns red leg variety for 5 quid and another 10 razor clams for 5 quid. Not bad eh? I didn't realise the clams were still alive until I tried to clean them up. They totally shutup on me as I slit my knife through the meat. Afterall, I am still a newbie when it comes to dealing with these delicious mozzles. Check out the following videos

Prawns stir-fried in oyster and tomato sauce

Razor clams stir-fried in garlic

Veges Aa style

Ritey.. Thats all for now ... back to work....

Monday, 2 November 2009

Haagen Daaz Chocolate Ice cream

When the studying gets on your nerves..
All you need is some chocolate ice cream and a banana...

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Burgers at Adlib

It was burger night at Adlib with K and WY. Besides Ketchup, I think this place sells some of the best burgers in Glasgow. In addition to the famous gourmet burgers, there are quite a few main dishes that caught my eye such as the gambo and steaks which I hope to try someday.

Since it was burger night, I decide to stick with tradition and go for the Obama Burger.. Basically, its a piece of southern fried chicken breast topped with onion rings and a corn sauce. The chicken was slightly on the dry side but I managed it with some extra mayo. The onion rings were pretty tasty and fragrant but were a total grease bomb. The sauce .. hmm... sweet and tasty like a corn should be but I wasnt too sure about the pairing with onions and chicken. Still, a creative combination.

The skinny fries were fantastic compared to the chunky ones u normally get and the salad was a much welcomed accompaniment to my rather fibreless diet in Glasgow.

Adlib West End
2 Byres Road
Glasgow G11 5JY
T. 0141 337 1145

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Fish and Chips at Wetherspoons

I actually had this a week ago at the airport with C before she flew back home. So quickly.. time flies and she got back yesterday. There used to be the days where the selection of food at the aiport was pathetic but things have changed in recent years and there are more and more eateries popping up.

We decided to settle for a quick lunch before C flew off. Eating fish and chips is one of those things I have been doing since my first year in Scotland. If there's one thing unique to singapore like chicken rice, fish and chip must be the British equivalent.

I remembered complaining about how fish and chip taste so much better in Singapore but it was only in recent years when I began to appreciate this truly unique British experience of having battered fish with chunky fries and a good heap of green peas, accompanied by a nice pint of cider ... yum yum. but nothing will ever replace chicken rice in my stomach. ... wahahaha

The Sanderling
Glasgow Airport
Tel: 0141 848 4877

Friday, 23 October 2009

Filling Station

I better start posting before my mum starts to think that I am starving LOl. This was a dinner last week at Filling station in town with V, K and R.

Its very American in terms of styling with the nice comfy seats and pictures all hanged up on pilalrs and wall to give it a nice 1980/90s look. Outdated? nah..

K's Beef and Ale pie. Pretty British no?

Calzone. A touch of Italian

5 Big meat balls with spagh

My Giantic BBq Burger. It was great! and huge and totally satisfying.

Don't forget the usual fixens

Overall, a nice dinner with close friends. The menu selection is quite extensive. Food wise it was not too bad. Good but not mind blowing. Prices were slightly edging on the high side. I like their extensive list of cocktails. Shall come back and try another day. Otherwise if you are in town and it happens TGIF is full, this might be your altenative.

The Filling Station
46 Bath Street
Glasgow G2 1HG


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