Friday, 26 February 2010

Asian Gourmet

So Aa and I decided to check out Asian Gourmet before C comes back since she dosen't really like the food there. Just nice WY and FM have finised work and joined us.

Mei Cai Kou rou. Blogged about this previously. Good as ever but I wished it was a bit warmer when it come came out.

Sha Bo Tofu. This turned out to be more of a tofu soup rather than the gooey claypot version from SEA. OH well, might as well since WY wanted a soup. Not bad la. Tasted abit herby

La Zi Ji. Nice but WY commented that there were too many crispy bits and too little meat . I agree

Jiao Zi. Again WY wanted this. Tasted good with the vinegar. Wasnt superb on its own. Don't expect xiao long bao because its a jiao zi.

Bo cai (spinach?). Aa and WY love this dish. I thought it was good too. Not overpowered by the garlic

Oh and we had unlimited rice at 1.50 per pax. NOT BAD RIGHT!!.. I had 3 bowls plus LOL!

Asian Gourmet
Beginning of West Prince Street
Basement Unit
(sorry no address)

Thursday, 25 February 2010

I have revived the chat box

It was created . It died not once but twice.. and now its alive again. Let see how long it survives this time.

Welcome CBox

2-35-35-35 Pizza hut delivery.

I guess only the Singaporeans will understand the 2-35-35-35 thingy and if you do you are probably damm old too becos the number's now 6-2353535. Pizzas.. don you love them . Life stories actually revolve around then. I recall my first pizza from Pizza hut was something called the singapura or the merlion which consisted of minced beef and capsicum. And then there were the teenage years where we would "chiong" (charge) at the pizza hut buffet counters. It was like die die must eat 8 slices and 2 plates of spaghetti before we go kinda bromance affairs. Oh wells, my stomach has obviously grown smaller, my tastebuds have refined in taste and i guess i am no longer growing as fast as I used to.

So fast track to UK... you get all sorts of weird and wonderful pizzas because they form quite a significant portion of a typical dinner here.

After much delibration, Aa and I decided to do the lazy thing and order in pizza for the first time. yes it was our first time ordering pizza in UK because most of the time we just get the cheapo versions from supermarket.

Decided to treat ourselves since he just had his interview and i jsut finished OSCEs (objectively structured clinical examinations) and most importanly we were in a can't be bothered mood. After half an hour we finally got our orders put through and within 30 mins.. *ding Dong!~

The one above is Aa and the one below is mine. Pretty solid eh. They were large ones 14" across. woopiE!. The only reason we went large was because we wanted stuffed crusts.

Aa ordered a custom pizza which included spicy beef, pepperoni, capsicum and anchovies. Quite a good combination actually. OH and he had proper stuffed crust.

I had the super supreme!. Onions, pepperoni, spicy beef, olives, mushroom, capsicum and .. tomato? .. Also I had the cheesy bites .

Obviously the amount of food was overkill. So i left half of it for dinner tonight.

In case you are wondering. Its buy one get one half price. so it amounted to 20.99 pounds .. Ok la for the quality that we get.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Pineapple Tarts from Home

My mum did it again. I think Dad had an involvement as well as they both sneakily passed some stuff to Aa to bring back for me despite my constant reminders that its ok haha. I guess she knows that I crave pineapple tarts too much lol.

The tasted really good. Definately a booster as I resume my hectic week of OSCEs.

The only problem is ... what am I going to do with the dates?!!!?!?! the last packet from 2 CNY ago sat in my living room for 2 years..!!!!>. lol..

P.S ..... only 2/3s of the tub left...... :(

Fried Rice !! from the Tungs

Really sweet of Auntie ML, LingT's mum to make some fried rice for me. She gave me two huge packets which I ate for lunch and dinner. I must say they were really good and tasted better than the ones u get at the average takeaway store plus there were like chunks of roast pork and duck in it. Not bad rite@!. .. Craving for more now.. lol!!

Thank you very MUCH!!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Dinner on Chu Yi

Sounds abit silly to be going back to the same restaurant for a chinese new year dinner for the 2nd time the next day but that was what a groups of friends and I did together with WY who got ditched by his dear brother who wanted to spend time with his gf.

Well.. I din't actually mind because we ordered different stuff this time around from the special CHINESE NEW YEAR menu. Yum yum yum and they had these really interesting names which I was unable to read cos my fan ti zi recognition skills are not so qiang. Yah but here's what we had.

Deep fried Chicken Chinese style. Crispy crispy skin that with meat that was moist and succulent.

Deep fried cuttle fish with salt and pepper. So yummy. The batter had this nice sugary caramelised taste to it.

Luo Han Zai. Vege dish with a nice savoury gravy.

haha. I laughed when i saw this dish. It was like a cross between the soup dish and tofu dish we had at the sing soc dinner. Ok only la.

Ah. This tasted like the narcissus brand stewed pork. E was telling me that there was a special meaning to this dish. Something to do with the fa cai being in the palm of the hand?.. But then again this was pork shoulder so I don't really know how they are linked. Nevertheless, it was tasted. Yum yum yum

Ya and you know every year ppl say nian nian you yu .. haha For me I'll get to say tian tian you yu cos we ordered the steamed sea bass again .. lol. That fish is so popular....

Loon Fung
417 Sauchiehall Street,
G2 3LG

Monday, 15 February 2010

GUSS CNY Dinner 2010

Happy Chinese New year!!!. Welcome to the year of the Tiger. ROARRzzz... ... yup... zzzzz I am trying to avoid studying for the next hour or so while my stomach takes of the chicken in my stomach.. Its been another long day of revising. Ok .. So here's what we had for the Chinese New Year dinner organised by GUSS.

First Up, Thick seafood soup. Not bad la. Abit like sharkfin if you imagine hard enough. There were nice bits of scallop in it.

Roasted Duck. Oh this was good. Oily, juicy, fatty. Yum yum yum

Egg toufu dish. Hmm.. The toufus turned out to be quite starchy. *shakes head....

Nian Nian you yu. This really nice fish has made an appearance on the blog umpteen times.

Preserved Vegetables with stewed pork. I was slurping up my rice with the meat. I wasn't craving for it in particular but having not had some really nice chinese food during this period, I was kinda desperate

I thought this was the best dish of the night besdies the dessert. Great combination of sauted scallops with fresh broccoli

Fried beehoon with alot of oILL!.. Some chili belachan and a kalamansi will make this dish perfect.

More veg for the added healthiness.

Dessert was a plate of refreshing mango jelly. I reckon I ate 4 pieces.

Everyone enjoyed themselves especially those who were k-ing away like that was no tomorrow. Well done GUSS.

Loon Fung
417 Sauchiehall Street,
G2 3LG

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Paperinos West End

Dinner from some time ago, I think it was C's treat.

Fried Calamari. Didn't have the fresh seafoodish taste of cuttlefish back home but nevertheless tasted fresh. The batter was light and not clogging with dough. The mayo was terrific.

Mozerella Cheesesticks. Yum yum yum. Cheese never tasted so good in chunks. There was a nice tomatoish sauce ( I think it was watered down pesto) which was extremely good as a dip.

Ok here's the dissappointing part. I had prawn spaght. The pasta here always seem to be overdone? What's wrong with making it al dente.? I wonder if it was done to suit the local taste but soft pasta just ain't the right way to treat italian food. The saving grace was that they gave lots of king size prawns.

C had carbonara which tasted amazing but I am not a fan of eating cream pastas in restaurants. Just one of those little eating habits that I have. lol

Paperinos West End
227 Byres Road
G12 8UD

Tel: 0141 334 3888

Saturday, 6 February 2010

WY's Takeaway

Once again its the time of the year for homecook takeaway dinners. I remembered cooking last year for the final years and I guess being nice has its rewards. WY randomly offered to make some dinner on Friday. I was half expecting an ang moh dish from Jamie Oliver's cook book but was quite suprised to find rice and 3 dishes.

Included in the box were 2 well marinated soy sauce marinated chicken, some mince pork with eggplant and stir fry lettuce with oyster sauce. All of it was fantastic. Even if it tasted bad I would have said it was good but not this time. Definately worth eating again *hint *hint LOL.

My only complaint was that the rice was a bit dry lol. WY said it was V who cooked the rice but I got a text from V the next morning saying that it was actually WY.. Oh wells...


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