Thursday, 29 October 2009

Burgers at Adlib

It was burger night at Adlib with K and WY. Besides Ketchup, I think this place sells some of the best burgers in Glasgow. In addition to the famous gourmet burgers, there are quite a few main dishes that caught my eye such as the gambo and steaks which I hope to try someday.

Since it was burger night, I decide to stick with tradition and go for the Obama Burger.. Basically, its a piece of southern fried chicken breast topped with onion rings and a corn sauce. The chicken was slightly on the dry side but I managed it with some extra mayo. The onion rings were pretty tasty and fragrant but were a total grease bomb. The sauce .. hmm... sweet and tasty like a corn should be but I wasnt too sure about the pairing with onions and chicken. Still, a creative combination.

The skinny fries were fantastic compared to the chunky ones u normally get and the salad was a much welcomed accompaniment to my rather fibreless diet in Glasgow.

Adlib West End
2 Byres Road
Glasgow G11 5JY
T. 0141 337 1145

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Fish and Chips at Wetherspoons

I actually had this a week ago at the airport with C before she flew back home. So quickly.. time flies and she got back yesterday. There used to be the days where the selection of food at the aiport was pathetic but things have changed in recent years and there are more and more eateries popping up.

We decided to settle for a quick lunch before C flew off. Eating fish and chips is one of those things I have been doing since my first year in Scotland. If there's one thing unique to singapore like chicken rice, fish and chip must be the British equivalent.

I remembered complaining about how fish and chip taste so much better in Singapore but it was only in recent years when I began to appreciate this truly unique British experience of having battered fish with chunky fries and a good heap of green peas, accompanied by a nice pint of cider ... yum yum. but nothing will ever replace chicken rice in my stomach. ... wahahaha

The Sanderling
Glasgow Airport
Tel: 0141 848 4877

Friday, 23 October 2009

Filling Station

I better start posting before my mum starts to think that I am starving LOl. This was a dinner last week at Filling station in town with V, K and R.

Its very American in terms of styling with the nice comfy seats and pictures all hanged up on pilalrs and wall to give it a nice 1980/90s look. Outdated? nah..

K's Beef and Ale pie. Pretty British no?

Calzone. A touch of Italian

5 Big meat balls with spagh

My Giantic BBq Burger. It was great! and huge and totally satisfying.

Don't forget the usual fixens

Overall, a nice dinner with close friends. The menu selection is quite extensive. Food wise it was not too bad. Good but not mind blowing. Prices were slightly edging on the high side. I like their extensive list of cocktails. Shall come back and try another day. Otherwise if you are in town and it happens TGIF is full, this might be your altenative.

The Filling Station
46 Bath Street
Glasgow G2 1HG

Friday, 16 October 2009

C's Pasta

Aa has gone back leaving me and C to take over the cooking. This was what C made last night. Sainbury's meat balls with sainsbury's tortellini pasta plus campbell tomato soup and whatever veg and roots she could find. Taste GooD!

O.k back to work

Monday, 12 October 2009

A High Caloric Meal

Dinner again at the usual hang out. We did not order the same dishes this time though. First up, soft shell crab. There were 4 pieces of crab on this plate. Very oily though but pretty tasty with the pungent garlic and spring onions.

Curry fish head. Hmm, very aromatic and tasty almost like the real stuff back home. I wished it was a bit more watery. There wasn't much meat though which was a dissapointment.

Another deep fried chicken dish. Pretty good and ranks up there amongst my favourite fried chicken dishes in Glasgow.

China Blue
96 Renfield Street
Glasgow G2 1NH
0141 333 1881

Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Thanks to K, I was able to get some mooncakes from mum. Here's the prized posession with a nice gift wrapping and not to mention, its from Hilton too. Aa, C and I shared one straight away. The paste was smooth and not gritty or powdery at all. The skin had the right mm of thickness as if they used a vernier calipers to measure it. ( ok i am exaggerating) Too bad I don't take yolk.

Happy Birthday Mum : )

Monday, 5 October 2009

Mango Sorbet

I did the ice cream decoration thingy again. This time, I used mango sorbet. This is the first time I am trying this flavour of B and J because its never on sale but heng heng it finally got discounted. Got 2 mangos for 2 pounds. haha its not cheap but what to do with all transport cost being factored in.

The ice cream it self actually looked really pretty with the interlacing of berry sorbet. Unfortunately the taste did not match its appearane. I found the flavour of the berry sorbet to be quite artificial and the mango sorbet just wasnt rich in flavour. All that had to be compensated by the tasty sweet and firm mango.
IMG_5625-45, originally uploaded by jiapui.

Green Tea Cake

Residency, Academic programme, books, exams..............ah.. Green Tea Cake : )
IMG_5639-45, originally uploaded by jiapui.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Treat at Asia Style

Here's a belated birthday treat from the Tung sisters at Asia style after watching surrogates. The movie was not too bad. 3.5 stars? Moving on to the food... ...

Gan hiang beef. I think its translated as dry fragrant stir fry beef. Nice Satayish sauce

Salt and Pepper Squid. Deep fried is always nice. Esp the garlic bits.

Braised fish in mandarin sauce. Same dish different place. Yummy though.

Yong tau foo. Never seem to get bored of this dish.

Asia Style
185 St. Georges Road
Glasgow, G3 6JD
0141 332 8828

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Dim Sum at China Town Restaurant

Aa and C have been having dim sum cravings for some time now. I was more less neutral about it after the nice dinner at china blue the other night but this being a flat bonding session meant that I had to be there. haha anyway i wouldn't mind a bit more chinese food. I shouldn't be complaining lol.

We decided to go to Chinatown restaurant after a terrible decision making process using oranges and apples ; )

The last time I was here was in 2nd year. Oh boy oh boy. Time really flies but the experience that I had there the last time still lingered in my mind. I was hoping that things would have improved since.

So here goes.

Charsiew Cheong fun. Very good. Thin skin and chunky tender charsiew.

Standard siew mai. Ok only la.

Another typical item. Har gao. Not as good as the siew mai.

Steaming hot XLB. Pales in comparison to the ones back home. Suspect it has been frozen

Prawn and pork dumpling?. Better than har gao but not siew mai.

Scallop and open hargao. Forgettable. Scallop was not fresh

This is good. Deep fried tofu skin prawn rol with cheong fun wrap.

Deep fried prawn dumpling. This is nice with the mayo.

Carrot cake. Nice but a little too soft for me. I like it a bit firmer.

Prawn Cheong fun. The char siew version was much better.

Stewed pork ribs. Had better ones. Meat was too tough and lacked flavour

Overall, slight improvement compared to the last time. We did not manage to try the gigantic plates of noodles that they served as we were rather full by the end of the meal. The place can get alittle crowded during sunday lunchtimes. Will I come back again ? hmm.. maybe.

p.s : There's a fresh fish stall next door where I normally go for some good fishy.

Chinatown Restaurant
42 New City Road
Port Dundas, Glasgow, G4 9JT
0141 353 0037


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