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Spaghetti Bolognaise

Spaghetti Bolognaise, originally uploaded by jiapui.

Its one of those things you will learn to make during your first year in Uni cos it looks simple.. Well.. in some ways it is but to get the flavour right is an italian art that I have yet to grasp. Even then, you can make a nice pasta with the available ingredients from your supermarket.
This one here is a pork bologanise. Basically fry some garlic with mince pork. Pour some chopped tomatos (can ones are fine, not necessarily cheaper) and some chopped fresh basil (Fresh ones taste better).
Boil some pasta. drain it after boiling for 1min less than the recommended time if you want it al dente aka QQ.
Top up with more fresh basil and parmagienno cheese.

*Aa has some really nice italian herb mix that he bought from Italy. It makes everything taste awesome. If you ever have a chance, do procure from a good source when you are in ITaly.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Strawberry Cheesecake

IMG_6658, originally uploaded by jiapui.

I love making cheesecakes. I could probably write a few chapters on my cheesecake making experiences.
.. Starting to feel hungry already...

*Its not difficult to make a cheesecake. Simply head over to for more recipes

Dishes from a mum

IMG_7110, originally uploaded by jiapui.

C's mum was up to stay for a week and it was really nice of her to cook dinner for us one night. She used one of C's Thai chicken mix (Asian Gourmet) to bake some chicken and prepared a nice green vege dish using FRESH vegetables. Wow. it was one of the heartiesh food I've had in a long time. It taste good and a mum's touch made it better.

Roast Lamb @ the Bishops

I met this lady on my plane back to Glasgow. Between the 2 of us, we managed to calm this really anxious lady who was afraid of flying. At the end of the conversation, I found out that her husband's brother is a surgeon.
I offered her some krispy kremes and we became friends haha.
So she's invited me over for dinner to visit the family and the brother-in-law who's up for the weekend.

The lamb's really nice. I wish I had more that night.

I have never had anything like this before. Cheese tase yummy so I din't have much to complain about. Texture wise it was light and certainly paired well with the nicely browned top.

Roast Pork again!!

Haha. See what i mean when I say Aa likes to eat roast pork.. Well this time round he's bought Tesco's finest pork belly. I must say it tasted really nice and leave us craving for more.

I love this. its so healthily green. Makes you feel good just looking at it.
I believe Aa boiled some broccoli some green beans, throw in some green pesto and olive oil and walnuts. Top it up with shaved parmegianno again.

* its ok to use frozen veges. Fresh vegetables definately are of a better quality.

Walnut Philo Pastry

Hmm... This din't turn out that bad after all.. Aa basically threw lots of walnuts over a philo pastry and drizzle his special mix of honey over it and baked it in the over.. well.. It turn out better than we expected.
Top it up with some icecream.
We've recently stocked up on green and black's organic ice cream. It was on offer 2 pounds at Tescos

Thai Pineapple Rice

C's specialty, thanks to the numerous packets of spice mix that she's accumulated over the years. Its not too difficult to make. Boil some rice, leave it to rest. Fry some garlic and onions, pop in some prawns, chicken or what ever left overs you can find, add in some sliced can pineapple and finally the rice. give it a good mix. Pour the sauce over and you got some fragrant Thai !

*Pair it up with some garlic kangkong. Taste Goooooood!!.......

Seafood Dinner

Almost everyone loves cereal prawns. I for one never liked the taste of cereal probably because i was force to eat for breakfast as a child and it tasted so horrible. Thankfully someone else found a better use for cereal.
Aa made this to supplement the fish. I got the prawns from the same fish stall. It was good bunch of prawns for only 5 pounds.
Aa made use of a special packet mix from singapore (S$6). Basically its just frying the prawns in some oil. Take the prawns on. Melt some butter add more oil and fry the cereal mix. Throw in the prawns and give it a good stir.

It was good....

Fresh fish and fishing goes a long way back in my family's history.
I was fortunate to be able to have fresh fish right from the sea almost every day when i was younger. To be able to find this little fish shop near finneston was a blessing for me.
This is a 3 pound fish that weighed about 500 grams. Sufficient to feed 3 people with a couple of other dishes.
Steam it about 12 mins and serve with a sauce mix of special fish soya sauce (2 measures), sesame seed oil (1 measure) and shaoxing wine (1 measure).
Top with spring onions and ginger.

*Use fresh fish never frozen. Taste better that way. Heat the sauce before pouring over the fish

Herbal Chicken Soup

I've always like a hearty chicken soup, especially when you are sick.
We particularly like it on a cold evening night after a long day's work.
Get a packet of spices from NTUC (approx S$5). Throw it into a pot of water along with some chicken drumsticks. PLease do not use chicken breast becos they are tasteless.
Bring the water to boil, reduce the fire and heat for about an hour and a half. Pop some chinese mushrooms in for some added goodness

*you can throw in random herbs. A little secret is to add some msg.. Alittle won't kill ; )

Roasted Chicken

Juicy chicken that I got from Sainsbury for 4 pounds.
A good size chicken that fed 3 of us.
No frills. Unwarp the chicken. Fire up the oven to 180 degrees
and throw the chicken in for an hour.
Rest for 10 mins before carving.

I am terrible with salads. Trust me its either too much oil dressing or a heap of vegetables. Basically it dosen't look good nor taste good.
Fortunately, Aa is an expert with salads.
A handful of cabbage, spinach and some leafy greens topped with some knife shaved parmagianno cheese.
and you've got a salad to pair with the chicken.

One of our favourite items in the flat. You can get a nice bag of wedges or curly fries to share among 3 people or 4 even.
Simply lay them out on a tray and pop it into the oven for 15 mins at 220 degrees. If you want them crispier, take them out half way and give them a toss so they all cook evenly.
Fries, mayonise and ketchup. YUM!

Roast Pork English style

My flatmate, Aa, likes to make roast pork to satisfy his everlasting craving for fat and crackling. Its relatively easy to make.

To achieve a nice crackling, make sure you pat dry all the moisture with some kitchen towel and rub liberal amounts of coarse salt all over the skin. Preheat the oven to 250 degrees initally and bring it down to 170 just as you pop it into the oven.
Aa likes to rub some ground cumin seeds and cracked black pepper into the skin to give it nice flavour.
Leave it in for for approximately 30mins for every 500g of meat.
Don't forget to rest it for 5mins before carving itso that the juices are retained within the meat.

Teritayaki Fish

First made this in 2nd year for a couple of friends that came over for dinner.
Its simple to make and taste great as well.
Just combine some brown sugar, dark soy sauce, mirin, terriyaki sauce for the marinate. Throw in some chop garlic.
Marinate for at least an hour
Throw into the oven 200 degrees for approx 30 mins.

*Salmon is quite resistant to heat and drying out. Don't worry if you've let it in the over for too long.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Recommend me a place to eat

Yes I love to eat and If you do have a place that you would like to recommend me to visit, Let me know where it is and why you think its good by leaving a comment below. A few Recommended dishes will be great as well!

About Me

Jia Pui Oh was first started in Febuary 2009 but the first official post was not until 29th of March 2009. I've always had a passion for food be it eating or cooking and like many other pioneers before have decided to combine this hobby with my other interest which is photography.

One of the reasons that motivated me to start this blog was to pimp up my CV to show that I have an interest outside of my extremely busy study life. Interestingly enough the first question that they asked me was what do you actually do in Food photography?. Guess the idea paid off in the end.

I don't proclaim to be a super enthusiastic food blogger like Ieat, ChubbyHubby or a cookery expert like BeeYhin@Rasa but what I do eat and I like, I would try and blog about it.

Thanks to my mum who creates such lovely dishes for me to take pictures with. Definately takes away half the effort of trying to take a good picture

Thanks to my sis who kinda allowed me to find funding to upgrade to my new DSLR

Thanks to my dad who visits this site everyday to keep it alive

and Thanks to my dear readers for patronising this site

Enjoy the blog and Jia Pui OH!


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