Sunday, 10 April 2011

Number 16

Cosy, quality food, friendly service and great value in a much loved neighbour were the words chosened by the owner to describe this wee humble establishment just at the bottom end of Byres road. I knew I was set for a great lunch deal snatched off

The set up of this place was nice and warm with a low lying ceiling providing what was describe as a cosy atmosphere. A little too tight perhaps in some areas that might just be abit intrusive if you were considering a romantic one on one date. Nevertheless, nothing that a good meal couldn't make up for.

We were served warm seeded bread for a start with a nice dallop of butter and balsalmic olive oil on the side.

C had a oven baked mini fish pie with saffron mash. Pies are not a commonly cooked item in the flat, much less a fish pie. I can see why she decided to go for it. Great taste and a great portion for a starter. If not for the scorching temperatures, she might have wolfed it down.

We try not to order the same dishes when we go out to maximise the variety. I had a warm salad of ham hock and cornichons with poached egg, goats cheese mousse and watercress. I absolutely love this. Its was an exciting myriad of flavours. The meaty salty flavours of the hog, acidified by the gerkhin and then you get neutralising effect from the oozing poached egg, only to be awaken by the freshly blended pesto sauce. Yum yum...

My mains of a pan roast venison haunch with moroccan spices and greens was much less of an exciting and probably an overkill on the meat/salad combo. In retrospect, I wish I had ordered something else because the salad totally set the standards too high.

C completed her meal with a rainbow trout and lemon rissotto combo. Very substantial, nicely baked fish and a well seasoned and refreshing rissotto.

We were too stuffed for any dessert.

Just to remind you, this meal cost only 9.95 pounds for 2 course with a free glass of wine or soft drink. How good is that you tell me?

Number 16 Restaurant
16 Byres Road,
Glasgow, UK
G11 5JY
0141 339 2544

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briony said...

Number 16 is still one of my favorite places in Glasgow - so glad to see you enjoyed it too!



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