Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Char UDON..

Udon's my current favourite noodle dish. This is a spin off of char kway teow using udon instead. The bold starchiness of the udon helped to tone down the saltiness and sweetness of the thick black soy sauce.

2 packets of udon 0.40p
3 piece of chicken thigh 0.80p
Pak choi 1.00p
Thick black soy sauce
Dash of rice wine
Dash of soy sauce
Chicken marinate

Slice up the chicken thigh. Marinate it for 30 min in some light soy sauce, sesame seed oil and oyster sauce for at least 30 mins. Bring your wok to temperature wtih a generous amount of cooking oil. Using lotsa oil seems to give the udon extra kick and helps prevent sticking (probably true but if u are leaning on the health conscious side use a non stick pan).
Fry the garlic and then the chicken. add in the vegetables and finally the udon.

Drizzle the key ingredient which is the thick black soy sauce. As much as u like, some rice wine and some soy sauce.

Serve with fresh parsley and some chilli

Monday, 29 March 2010

My Steamboat is MIssing !!!

I prepared all the ingredients in Good faith that I'll be able to find my steamboat later on. Guess what?.. Murphy's Law strikes again. I can't believe it. Spent like an hour searching for it. We came to the conclusion that someone must have borrowed it and the prime suspect at the moment is WY.

Fortunately my trusty rice cooker was on hand to be the substitute. This little pot here has served me for 6 good years and I think come this summer, it will be forced into retirement by my mum.

So Aa, C and I had steamboat / Ricecooker hotpot. I cut some chicken marinated in 3 different sauces and made some marinated mince pork as well. Throw in some veg and bean curd to up the healthy quotient. And the Carb of the day is udon!!.

Somehow i felt the dish tasted like ban mien in the end lol.

If you do have my steamboat machine, please contact me :)

001-3, originally uploaded by jiapui.

Cookies and Cream

After a long hiatus, I am back to baking. Feeling abit rusty with my skills but it tasted good according to most. I'll work on it = More Cheesecakes coming uP !!!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Custard Donuts from Tescos

These are the next best donuts to Krispy Kreme and you can get them at a fraction of the price. 69p ONLY for 5 pieces. Furthermore there was a 2 for 1 pound offer. ShioKness!

Look at the custard. Custard taste vanillaish in case you were wondering and obviously sweet. I had 4 out of the 5 pieces in one day. Its so good. I'll have to save one for breakfast tomorrow though.

Grab some quick becos they run out pretty fast....!!!!

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Ceilidh @ Sloanne

LingT's finally back in Glasgow after 7 months and what a better way to celebrate her return than to have a Ceilidh and dinner at GLasgow's Oldest Bar, THE SLOANNE.

Since Food's the main subject of this blog so I'll focus on that!!.

For 25 pounds, you get to go for the 3 course meal. 2 Course meals are priced at 20 pounds. Drinks not included but u are entitled to attend the ceilidh after.

Antipasti of artichokes, grilled peppers, aubergine, mozzarella & pesto dressing

Chicken LIver Pate with Cranberry sauce.

Roast chicken stuffed with haggis served with champ mash & onion gravy

Slow braised shin of beef with mushrooms, thyme & baby potatoes

Sticky toffee pudding & vanilla ice cream

Berry pavlova & cream. This was really good.

62 Argyll Arcade
108 Argyle Street
G2 8BG
Enter Sloans from Buchanan Street lane next to Zara, or Argyle Street entrance.
t. 0141 221 8886

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Four Seasons, Glasgow

haha. This wee shop has the posh name of many big restaurants around the world but a tiny little dining area. Then again, its the food that matters most right.!! The lady boss mentioned she opened the restaurant 6 months ago and has been frequented regularly by students from the nearby unis. Can't believe I haven't heard about it until now thanks to Big G who brought his mum there on Mother's day.

Simple Setting. Abit empty on a thursday night but there were plenty of takeaway customers

This menu brought some hope cos I definately don't want to be eating guai loh style chinese food tonight.

C's Prawn Hor Fun.. This was worth every buckeroo.. Substantial amount of wok hei horfun, and at least 8 giant prawns which tasted nice and crunchy. Just lacking in the sauce department

Aa's Bitter gourd with Pork Ribs in black bean sauce. I will say I can make this dish but this restaurant definately whips up a more tasty version. Rice is not free but they do give quite a huge portion.

I went for the bake rice since its quite unique and I've never had it here before. Deep fried POrk chop over some fried rice topped with chedder. Quite nice leh just a wee wee bit salty. I am not a big fan of baked rice but this one's not bad

Tea's not free here. We ordered a pot of jasmine but I think the lady boss gave us a free refill after seeing my huge camera LOL must think i am some journalist lol. Guess getting big cameras come with perks tooo LOL!

Four Seasons
Cambridge Street
Next to Subway Eat Fresh

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Site Revamped!!!

After 1 year of Blogging, I have decided to give the website a new look . Took me abit of time to finally get everything sorted out but it was definately worth the time. HOoray!!.. Hope y'all like it.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Duck Tales!

I can only make this because I am relatively free at the moment. Honestly this dish is too time consuming but I had to do it at least once to add to my photog collection. haha I suggest you pay for some good roast duck unless u want to impress your future mother-in-law. Then again, there are more effortless ways of doing it.

To make some roast duck, you need to purchase a duck. I got mine from Sainsbury at half price for 7 quid. Next, you need to bring some maltose enriched water to a boil and scald the skin of the duck. Rub the entire cavity of the duck with some five spice powder. and leave to hang over night. After that paint the duck with some Lee Kum Kee peking duck sauce, sour plum sauce or hoisin sauce according to your own preference

Roast the duck at 160 degrees for approximately 1 and a half hours. in the last 15 mins bring temp up to 200 to char the skin a little.

Rest for 15mins before chopping up the duck. Add in your favourite side dishes like tau kwa, tau pok, peanuts and eggs.


Ha! CHA!!!

Served up and ready to eat

with some yam rice.!!

Monday, 22 March 2010

Prawn Noodles!!!

Been wanting to cook prawn noodle since I learnt from DrB way back in January that you can actually get a paste to make it. So when I got back on Sat, I thought I shall be nice to my flatmates and make them something since they have been cooking for me during my exams.

To make prawn noodles you need a good stock, good prawns and other accompaniments like boiled pork, some fish cake, veggies and some freshly prepared prawn stock. The place to get them is to go to a chinese supermarket.

1 Packet Tean's Prawn paste 2.20pd
6 Big White king Prawn 5.00pd (super expensive Grr!! but damm nice man)
10 Small EC3 Fresh Prawn 2.30pd
Pork Belly 300g 1.00pd
Way On Fish cake 2 roll 1.95pd (super expensive la!!)
Thai Morning Glory 500g 2.95pd
Bean sprout 350g 0.50pd
Yellow Noodle 800g 2.30pd
fresh shallot 0.17pd

- Boil your pork and blanch the fish cake. Slice them up thinly.
- Fry up some shallots. Don't burnt them.
- Prawn Stock. Peel off prawn shells and fry them in oil till the red umami goodness oozes out. Add in about 1.5L of water as per the instructions on the packet. After that, add in the paste.
- Bring another pot of water to boil
- seperate your noodles, kangkong ( morning glory) and bean sprouts into 3 big bowls. Blanch each bowl of ingredients seperately. about 1-2mins
- Cook your prawns in the stock and serve into each bowl with sliced pork, fish cake, kangkong, bean sprouts and a good drizzle of shallot oil and dallop of fried shallot.

We had 3 big bowls with full of ingredients. Each bowl cost about 6 pounds. Asia style sells a bowl like this for 6.50 pounds i think but u definately get lesser ingredients but on the up side you don have to labour yourself in the kitchen.. Also there were left over ingredients to make 2 more medium bowls of of prawnless prawn noodle the next day for lunch. The big prawns definately taste much bettter and we each managed to eat 2 plus about 3-4 other small prawns. In summary, definately worth the effort and is on the cost effective side.

Try it ya'all!.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Lunch @ Tanah Merah Country Club

Imagine walking down a flight of stairs and the next thing you see is this... Ahh.... Exactly... That was how I felt when I saw the beautifully crafted golf course of TMCC. Dad decided to take us for lunch here that afternoon.

There wasn't much of a crowd at 12 but then people started to stream in . Peanuts, green chilli and preserved veg served as an appetiser. Check out the out towel for freshening up.

Shark Fin soup. Don't kill me please. It was nice. esp the stock. Feels so rich and creamy

Ox Tail with mushroom and carrots. Shiok man . hmm we didn't eat the green coloured veg,

si ji dou with fried mince meat. . Nice

Roast Pork . Good man. Soft on the inside and the skin was great.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Brauhaus, United Square

First impression as you walk down to the basement amphitheatre styled beer garden was WOW... how did this place even exist. Its got the I made a discovery factor. Met up with J and Mr W after raffles city for more food, abit of boozze and some more catch up.

The selection of beer here is huge but looking at the prices were painful for my eyes because I will be back in beer drinking land in last than 48 hours and seriously, anything with alcohol is going to be cheap in Euro.. hahaha at least 95% of it la lol.

I had dinner already so I took nibbles out of everything. Roast pork knucles are synonymous with German booze. The skin was slightly burnt and dry the meat was also dry but everything was sovled after soaking it in the gravy. NOt bad la.

Fried beehoon? This is what differentiates a German German beer place from a Singaporean Beer place. haha you get local food. The beehoon was good. but i think my mum can whipped up a better one. haha.. A bit of biasness there I am sure you will all defend your mum's beehoon to a certain extent.

I was super knackered by the end... but the company was great.

United Square
Thomson Road S(307591),
B1-13/14, 101
Tel: 6250 3116
Mon to Thu: 11am - 2am
Fri to Sat: 11am - 3am
Sun: 5pm - 1am

Steamboat at Lu LU

Dinner was at Raffles city again with the thombonistssss... They are like my mother hens despite me being a duck sounding instrument player lol. OK .. Lu Lu is a shanghai restaurant in the basement of Raffles city shopping centre. We came here for the steamboat.

Boon and I shareda seafood steamboat. Big mistake lol..should have ordered the meat steamboat. OH and for those who don know how to cook!!.. please do not dump everything like my senior did into the pot. The soup will take forever to cook la!!.. oh well.. she's an accountant not a physicist and definately... not a cooking person.

So how do i rate it?... selection of seafood.. basic. Soup... ok .. worth trying ? ... nope lol.

The main dishes were nicer. This was a spicy chicken sprinkled with deep fried garlic bits shallots and toasted sesame seeds. Nice man.

Spinach with stock and 3 eggs. Yummy too

Ah... interesting drink that caught my eye. Suan mei (sour plum) with soda water. I took a sip and thought it tasted really like bland soda water. Actually, it tasted better after mashing up the suan mei and letting it infuse the soda. Tasted quite nice and helped refreshed my palate.

Lu Lu
Raffles City Shopping Centre
North Bridge Road S(179103
#B1-44B, 252
Tel: 6338 7441
Mon to Sun: 11am - 9:30pm

ShokuDo at Raffles City Shopping Centre

Shokudo is a concept restaurant where one takes a scanning card to many different food stores, order what ever you want , get it scanned and pay once you are finish. Think Marche. High class food court?

Anyhow... I was dazzled by the ambience and the sheer variety of food esp the grilled/bbq section. So many things that I want to eat but we needed to do a quick snappy lunch cos CL needed to get back to work.

I ordered Omu rice with fish. It passed my expectations not exceedingly but I was satisfied with what I had.

Dessert of red bean ice and machi!.

Will visit again in the future to try out the rest of the stuff.

Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar @ Raffles City

Raffles City Shopping Center
252 North Bridge Road, #B1-44E
Singapore 179103
Tel: +65 6837 3793

Operating Hours:
11.30am – 10.00pm


C Nai HK Cafe! @ ECP

Left at about 10 after the gorging session at ECP food centre to meet my cousins at HK cafe for more food !!!... My auntie blanjah so must take abit of advantage la hahaha kidding kiddding.

Tea Ice with Ice cream.

Yang Zhou Chow fan

French Fries?!?!?!

Wanton Mee!!

Beef Char Kway Teow

Fried Vermicillin. Got wok hei flavour

Seafood Ee Mee. I like!!!

Peanut Butter Toast.. Abit dry

Mango Pamelo Sago

Food is obviously overpriced and the taste ain't that fantastic. I don't think HK street food taste so bad... but at least the place has air con and a live band and opens till late.

C Nai Cafe
East Coast Park
1000 East Coast Park. Marine Cove
(Next to Mcdonalds by the beach)

Open daily 12pm to 12am
Hotline : 6444 0123


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