Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Wedding 231010 : Gv & Lm

231010 was a very special day for a couple of my college friends who finally tied the knot after 10 years of knowing each other.

It was an adrenaline filled day beginning with the inescapable gate crash, tea ceremony and finishing off on a high with a splendid dinner at the Hilton.

They were both born in the year of the pig.

Oh lunch was catered from our friend's chicken rice store... What a perfect meal to have before I head back to Glasgow lol.

The couple had this brilliant idea of inviting guest to write well wishes on candy cards and sticking them on to the red ball in exchange for a chupa chup.

1st dish: Cold Dish platter

2nd Dish: Shark Fins.

3rd Dish: Hilton's Signature Herbal Chicken

4th Dish: Wasabi Prawns.. Wah I was craving for this the whole day. Deep fried prawns glazed in wasabi mayo sauce. Oommphh!

5th Dish: Cod Fish?

Sadly, I had to leave after that to catch my flight back...

Nevertheless a wonderful trip back being able to spend time with family and friends, indulge (ahem.. Over indulge) in food... and to celebrate this joyous occasion.

~~ Congratulations to the both of you !!!! ~~

Monday, 25 October 2010

Seafood Hut

Clockwise from Top left: Cereal Prawns, Black Pepper Crab,
Seafood special stew, spinach with 3 eggs in superior stock,
Bee Hoon Crab, Bai ling Gu with Greens, Special sauce pork ribs

This is officially the most expensive meal that I paid for in my life.

Then again, there were 22 other family members who were there to share in the feast.

Felt good that I could share my hard earn first pay cheque with everyone else.


Beach Road Prawn mee

Would you pay S$4.50 for 4 prawn halves and a piping hot bowl of shallot oil infused prawn soup?

Beach Road Prawn Mee
370 East Road Road
Singapore 428981

Thursday, 21 October 2010

HOneymoon Dessert, Orchard 313

Ok... since Hnnh Bought dinner, I think I should buy dessert la ah.... It was actually closing time when we got there but the folks were willing to accommodate us.. Afterall why reject a quick money making business..

I actually had my dose of mango sago the day before but it totally miss the sweet spot for me. So here's round two of mango degustation. Somemore got offer, buy 2 mango desserts and get a mango pancake free. Shiokness.

From top down, HnnH's red bean hot soup.. Personally, I avoid hot desserts unless I m in an air con environment and I know that the dessert is highly recommended. Instead I went for the mango offer. Below the red bean soup is mango sago soup. haha Pretty standard I ll give it a B+ grade. Good but not impressionable.

And below that is the mango soup with beancurd. I can't remember the exact name but its beancurd douse with mango soup. OK la... new concept and it paired well.. At least it wasnt durian haha.

The winner is this mango pancake.. Wah super yummy, especially the skin.. I bet its simple to make but yet it tasted so nice. I could have eaten like 5 of these la. Very light and full of mango flavour. It looks almost like art don't you think.

Well.. if there's only one thing you can try. I highly recommend this.

HOneyMoon Dessert

313 Orchard Road
04-20 313@Somerset

Singapore 238895

Tel: 65090027

Sarang, Heartbeat of Seoul

Korean food... yeah... there use to be a time where it was for the rich until seoul Garden came along and started the ecomomical BBQ concept. The scene has moved on and so have I from the table BBQ people. More and more korean restaurants are popping up just like the many many K-pop bands around nowadays.

Having not been to korean, I have no idea what authentic korean food taste like and furthermore, I hear that the taste of korean food here has been toned down to suit our taste buds. I am a person who kinda likes to go for the authentic food so it was rather odd that I wandered into Sarang but I only found out that it was modern Korean food from a razor tv video.

Anyhow I ordered the chicken bulgogi dish. I know pretty boring but it was late in the night, i was hungry and i just wanted something to satisfy myself. lolol. So .. yeah some comfort food. I had to order a rice set on top of it which came with 2 banchan.. which was really pathetic... stewed peanuts and some preserved vege (no it wasnt kimchi). sighz...

But.... we were provided with some appetisers. POPCORN?? and.... FISHBALL?? haha .. Totally Fusion. Its not ur usual popcorn. Can't tell you whether its from corn. Much harder, less crunchy and non-sugared. Fishballs... hahaha what can I say.... in a cup of soup somemore.

Yea.. it was not bad but not sure if I will be back for dinner but the lunch sets do look quite good. All in all it was made up for by the companionship and conversations.

Sarang. Heartbeat of Seoul

181 Orchard Central #07-01
Orchard Central

Singapore 298896


On a side note.... since we are on the korean track...let's have a wee chat about something else.

There used to be a time long long time ago.. well during the NS days... Used to like this group called S.H.E.

Great girl group. Started from a talent search competition. Got on to the big stage with catchy songs.. mostly about romance. They were eloquent and ubber quirky. Extremely eloquent and I think they have ventured into acting as well..

I Used to collect magazine covers of them and displayed them all over my office desk. Totally out of place but haha it sure striked up some humour... I even brought it over to Glasgow and had it on my wall for a year haha.. ... hahaha Totally uncool hahaahaha so my female peers say.

But hey.. I admire them then...

More recently,

S.N.S.D. : Girls Generation.

Haha.. if you can't fight the wave of Korean culture, you might as well explore and see what the craze is all about..

Somehow, this group stands out for me in many ways that S.H.E did.... like their singing, hosting skills and the Korean language

haha best of all...

3 x the number of the members... WooTs*


Congratulations !!!!! To the Both of you !!!

20 10 2010

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Thai Express, Tampines One

Its been a while since I had Thai Express. Thai food is less commonly found compared to Italian, western and Jap food in SHopping malls.

I went ahead with the beef pad thai instead of my usual seafood pad thai.. It was above average. In addition to sweet and sour pork, phad thai is one of those dishes where I find mixing savoury and sweet tastes acceptable.

Mum went for the set menu which consisted of prawn Thai fried rice, a tofu side dish and a tapioca dessert. Quantity more than quality is the buzz word for this set. $8.90 only !!

Sis has beef kway teow soup. The broth was heavily loaded with 5 spice powder. Wee bit strong for my liking. I reckon this will go well with some raw greenish herbs to mask/compliment the strong 5 spice flavour.

They still do their member's privillege card which is pretty worth while for $35 dollars. 1 one for one voucher. 1 x 10 dollar voucher for your birthday month ( i think), 1 x 15 dollar voucher (for another occasion). 10% discount and free drink for signing up for the membership.

Thai Express Bistro
10 Tampines Central 1
Tampines One
Singapore 529536

Lunch at DTF XLB

Its almost like a ritual. For the past few times that I have been back, we have never missed a visit to Ding Tai Fung. Don't all of you ?? For me the incentives are there is a restaurant near my place which has seats available normally during lunch hours and most of meals are paid for by Citibank.... lol.. No they are not my sponsors, we merely exchange food vouchers with credit points. heh..

We did try a few new items like the sesame seed bun, chicken soup la mien and the hot and spicy suan la soup. Amongst all, the suan la tang was the best. 6 dollars for a good portion to be shared by 3 people. We even tried the mango pudding dessert (er.... not very nice actually lol).

XLB anyone?

Din Tai Fung
4 Tampines Central 5
#02-01/31 Tampines Mall
Singapore 5295107
Phone: 6787 0998

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Cheesecake Cafe.

Met up with the cousins for supper.. boy was he funny man. Really cracked me up the whole night through.

So let's talk cake and cheesecake cafe. My sis suggested.

I think it was not too bad but not mind blowing good.. Secret recipe still better.

Here's the verdict

Strawberry Oreo: Very soft cheese layer. Oreo abit lao hong (ermm... not crunchy)
Chocolate cheesecake: Good strength of chocolate taste. Again found the texture to be a little soft for my liking.
Blueberry Cheesecake: Good berry flavours and base. I felt very comfortable with the richness of the cake. THe better one of the lot.
Walnut cheesecake: Good texture as well.. Very firm .. Walnut flavour din't shine through for me.
Chocolate truffle: Very light. Felt very moosey.. I was hoping for it to be more rich.

Overall, not too bad. Can come once and sample. Cakes slightly pricey at $7. I prefer firm cheesecakes so yea.. if you like the softer versions, you will like this place. Ambience was nice in inside with big cushion seats. Can be a bit noisy at times. Water was free flow..*thumbs up.

p.s Really really tired.

The Cheesecake Cafe
685 East Coast Road
Singapore 459054

Udders, Siglap

Udders from Ice cream to take away the terrible terrible heat in Singapore...
Here's my rum and raisin and green tea ice cream.. UDDer Yummy.
though a wee bit pricey varying between 3 dollars to 5 dollars for a scoope.

Had at least 15 flavours to choose from including their famous Mao shan wang (yucks lol)

WT went for their waffles and chocolate with orange. Good stuff.. Especially love the waffles. Air light crispiness on the outside and a bread like texture on the inside.

Wah ... Bliss...

I am Cow, hear me moo
I weigh twice as much as you
And I look good on the barbecue
Yogurt, ICE Cream, cheese and butter's
Made from liquid from my udders
I am Cow, I am Cow, Hear me moo (moo)

87 Upper East Coast Road,
Singapore 455223
Tel / Fax: 64488732

Selegie Tau Hway

Tau Hway is great Supper food.

The butterflies were for added stomach comfort lol.

p.s I hurt my sole... Not the fish !!!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Tea Dot, Tampines OnE

Met up with LP for a catch up... We were supposed to chow on the mango desserts downstairs but the severe lack of sitting area was a big shoo shoo. They seriously need to expand man..

Eventually, we settled at tea dot. I had the matcha gravity. TASSSTEEE GOOOOD. Like a ice cold green tea latte.
I do like my milk thicker and my green tea stronger.. (double shot thank u ).

#03-K1/K2 Tampines 1
10 Tampines Central 1
Singapore 529539

Home Cook Comfort.

What is your comfort food?

Mum's Cooking for me....

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Five Star CHicken Rice !!!

I love CHICKEN RICE !!!! NoM NOm NOM!!!

20101013-009-2, originally uploaded by jiapui.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Tropeiro, Brazillian BBQ

I had one of the best meals in Glasgow in the longest time on Saturday. Aa found this Brazillian restaurant in one of the Glasgow food and drink magazine. The best part was was a BUFFET!!!! Wooo HOO!!!!

Turns out that this was a going to be a Churrasco buffet.... YUM YUM YUM..... Gotta love the meat!!.. At a price of 21 ++ pounds I think its a pretty awesome deal. Its about that price in Singapore as well... Besides.. unlimited grilled meat ?? hello??? where else in Glasgow can you find that..

Alrite here we go.

After a short explanation of what the green (feed me feed me) and red (stop,,.... I am exploding) cards mean, we were whisked off to the salad bar where there were at least 15 different cold and hot accompaniments to go with the BBQ meat. My fav were the marinated mushrooms, chilli potatos and the kick ass chilli sauce (tasted like nasi ayam chilli).

I din't want to overload my plate with carbs and veggies before my mains but I just couldn't resist trying a little bit of everything, sans the beet root.. YUCKS...

We were seated in front of the roasting pit where you will find the different varieties of meat slowly being rotated mechanically. I think one of the perks of seating so close is that the server sees you first and tends to offer you the meat before heading to the other dinners.

Here's our amigo !!! Meat anybody?

Look at that !!... I 'm drooling again.... NIce pinkish on the inside and aromatically charred on the outside . It may seem a little well done on the peripheries (LOL) but the meat was delicately soft .. Ooo yum yum!!

Here's my plate after the salad round... That sausage wasn't particularly nice. Reminded me too much of the sausages in hospital

Ribs !!! ... Lovely.... DOn't expect BBQ sauce. I think this was a simple marinate of salt and sugar. It sure was lovely though.. I was lucky my meat wasn't that tough..

All that meat sure made us thirsty... I don't think I was going to have just Scottish tap or the standard soft drinks.. And because I was the Ah mat of the day... I couldn't drink that much..

Fret not... Check out this Brazillian soft drink. Apparently produced only in Portugal, Brazil and Japan??.. 2nd best selling drink after Coca Cola too in Brazil. Its defiantely got a unique taste. Closely resembles the ZHONG GUO PING GUO SHUI LOLOL

For those who like their Booze. There's the Caparinha. A concoction of lime juice, sugar, sugar cane alcohol and ice all in a classic glass. Very refreshing. Almost like a mojito without the mint. You can even give it a shot of melon, strawberry or if you are adventurous BANANA.....

They were really generous with their meat. It just kept coming. This piece of chilli chicken was superb. The skin was crispy and the meat was super succulent. Wished I had another piece.

We also had roasted pork, lamb, different cuts of beef including rib, sirloin and hump (i think). The most unusual selection was chicken heart. Tasted well.. like a rubbery piece of meat.. Was half expecting it to taste like liver.

Moving on desserts. First up a citrus cheese cake. Its the soft version. Good but not mind blowing.

This passion fruit moose or moo see lol was simply excellent. The moose was well infused with the flavour of passion haha. So simple yet so yummy

I had the symphony of chocolate. well... Very uninspiring actually.. Rather dissapointing.

I must say everyone on the table felt their expectations were met. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for those who are hungry to go check it out. PARKING is widely available as well on a weekend night.

Yup... I had my fill.... *BURP

363 Argyle Street
Glasgow, G2 8
0141 222 2102

Tropeiro on Urbanspoon


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