Jiapui's Favourites

On this page, you will find some of my favourite places in Scotland and my homecook creations. You will find that for some sections I have included more than 1 restaurant. Totally defeats the purpose of favourites but i think these restaurants do deserve the praise.

As for the homecook creations, these have been tried and tested and stood the test of time. If it pleases you, do try them out.

Enjoy  !!!

Favourites in Scotland

Favourite Brazillian: Tropeiro

Favourite Chinese:  Asian Gourmet, Seewoo,
Favourite French: La Valle Blanche
Favourite Indian: Mother India (No post yet)
Favourite Italian: Zizzi's (I am still on the look out but this remains the best at the moment)
Favourite Mexican: Bibi's Cantini
Favourite Scottish: Lochleven Seafood, The Sisters, Number 16
Favourite South East Asian: Rumours, Asia Style

Favourite Homecook Creations

My Simple Cheesecake recipe
The sausage feast
My Economical Pasta for the student
Chocolatey Chocolate tart
OiLy  OILy  Chicken
Chicken curry is not curry chicken
Char Udon ?
Surfing Salmon
Mince pork with egg plant is good
Tau you Bah. Solid ah!
Mei cai can pair with kou rou?
What another pork dish?
 Baa baa black sheep NOT
Quite an "ah tas" Pear
3 Cups and a Chicken
My Pasta Alla Carbonara


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