Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Koi not its KOI (dou)

This little shop near Parkway parade took a spin on the alphabets KOI to form the chinese character Dou4 or bean. BFF recommended this store to me after our ya kun snack, saying that it sold a red milk tea on par with taiwan that was worth trying. Of course I wouldnt say no right!

SO here it is. my Red milk tea with grass jelly drink. it was available only in 2 sizes : medium and large although there were 3 sizes mentioned. U also get the optino of choosing the percentage of sugar that you want. I went for 50% strength. You won't belileve how much this cost.. A freaking $3.50 la.... Honestly right its just milk tea add grass jelly. By right it should be about $2 only right max $2.50 la. I guess the store operates in left hand drive.

SO how was the taste? Actually its not bad lol. The milk tea combined well with the grass jelly. The jelly came in sclops ( its my way of saying scooped pieces) rather than in strands, so you have the joy of breaking down the jelly yourself. It is definately good but i don think i will want to pay as much as $3.50 for. Unless... there is some special reason .. hmm..


Big G said...

Next time we'll try Easy Way bubble tea in Savoy Centre, Glasgow. I should treat you in fact! :D

Anonymous said...

it's definitely not definately... haha imma grammar nazi

The meming Crocoduck said...

If you were truly a "Grammar Nazi" your "It's" would have a capital I, and your sentence would be "It's "Definitely", not definately... haha, I'm a Grammar Nazi." Please get your definition of "Grammar Nazi" right before you post.


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