Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Recommend me a place to eat

Yes I love to eat and If you do have a place that you would like to recommend me to visit, Let me know where it is and why you think its good by leaving a comment below. A few Recommended dishes will be great as well!


Betty Anne said...

For a great Italian meal you should try Celinos in the east end, on Aleaxandra Parade - I'd love to know what you make of their authentic food - try the polenta starter - yummmmy!!!

Y said...

Hey, my singaporean friends and i have taken a penchant for afternoon(or english) tea. Cup on Byres road tops my list so far.

For good burgers, I recommend Ketchup (with 2-for-1 burgers for students) at Aston lane.

Lastly, Lebowski on Argyle Street for the madassmegahuge servings which are yummy. Burgers and pastas were very good and all under 10 pounds.

p.s. Not recommending any cheenah grub because you seem to know them a lot better than me.



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