Friday, 6 April 2012

Triad at Banana Leaf Malaysian Chinese Cuisine

Its not often that you have 3 Chinese doing receiving at same time and as my ex-dragon lady consultant (now affectionately known as Auntie Ruth) says, "one... two.... three..... makes a triad isn't it"

This post is dedicated to DC who has been such a joy to work with and so generously bought this meal.

NOW.... Let's Feast !!!


Best Char Kway Teow in Glasgow. Generous ingredients with noodles seared by the wok master. All it needs is a "solid" chilli to turn up the wok hei flavour..


Its not going to win trophies in Singapore anytime soon but I will gladly have this 4 days a week if need be. The star is of dish is the chilli which I have forgotten to include in the picture.


Restaurant grade Nasi Lemak served on banana leaf with condiments included on a seperate dish. Plenty of credits to the pan fried egg with a gooey yolk.. mhmmm mmmhm..


Malaysian style curry laksa vermicelli. Totally not the type of laksa I was brought up with.
The curry broth did hit the spot though. Just to compare, there's char siew, fish ball, deep fried wanton in this version whereas Singapore's version has prawns, dried shrimps and tau pok.


Satay that has been deep fried and not grilled over a char-coal flame. A new take on satay that I probably won't get used to. The peanut sauce was authentic nevertheless.

This has been one of the most satisfying meals I have had. No Michelin stars whatsoever, just comfort food to nourish the soul.

DO check out the main dishes that this restaurant also serves.

Banana Leaf - Malaysia Chinese Cuisine
87 Cambridge Street
Glasgow G3 6RU
Tel: 0141 333 999

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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Ben & Jerry's Core Series


It seems to take ages for B & J to come up with new flavours for ice cream. (I am only ranting because I have almost exhausted all the flavours in UK)

Excited I am much, (pardon the yoda grammer) when these 3 new flavours came onto the market.

I have sneakily finished 2 tubs on my own while my flatmates were away and boy were they delicious. Not sure what anti freeze produce they add to the thick gooey core sauce but they were smooth as sauce can be despite freezing away in my freezer.

I am going to be bias here and say they all taste good. Grab them whilst they are still discounted at Tesco !!


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