Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas Dinner 2010

Time of the year again.. to celebrate Christmas.. What did you guys get up to ??? Besides chiling out in this cold . Did anyone do anything more interesting?

Aa was bent on creating his special meat feast Christmas dinner once again . I m really sick of beef having eaten it for 3 consecutive days...but it was so good though..

and here's what why....

C started prepping the dessert first. A personal favourite of hers... Pear Crumble..

Make sure u layer your pears. Patience !!!

Pour your crumble over the pears and leave it to set in the fridge

Make sure u include some of your five a day.

The first main course.. 2kg of sirloin with roasted potatoes.. bathe in olive oil....

Gammon ham.... 3kg? .... hmm..

Ever since the superb creation from last year, Aa was looking very forward to making it again .
After boiling it in a huge of water with cloves and spices. The ham was taken out to be poked with cloves.

Mix up your favourite glazing. The one used here is a mixture of mustard and honey.
Once glazed.. Give it a good roast..

TADA!!!!!.. HOney Roasted GAmmon Ham.

Roast Beef all done.. Potatos looking a little chao tar!! lolol

Brussel sprouts and carrots...

Where's my food.....

Yummy smoked salmon appetisers.

C getting the table all set up .. Cheapo crackers from Tesco.. 10p ONLY!!!

Another Aa favourite. Clam chowder with oysters... emm.... er... Yummy? (haha I don't like oysters you see..)

I had 2 slices.

And another 2 slices of these.

Hmm.... YUM YUM

Pear Crumble + B and J to finish off..

Very satisfying meal. Thanks Aa.

P.s Was Christmas meaningful for you ?

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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Fried Mars Bars

Been using my 3GS Camera alot recently...

It dosen't get more authentic than this... A true Glaswegian Deep Fried Mars Bar in Glasgow..

It used to be just the loner mars bar but I see they have up the ante by pairing it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It ain't haagen daaz but it certainly tasted nice.

Btw not every chippy does fried mars bars.. Check out this LANCET article..LOL... I once heard its because the oil can be contaminated when you fry the mars bars . Chippy myth?

King's Cafe
71 Elmbank St
Glasgow G2 4PQ
0141 332 3247

Friday, 17 December 2010

After Eight...Chocolates

I walked into the office today to find a nice pink box addressed to the doctors. I thought Santa had come in early.... I left it for a good few hours (*busy with work+ SHO decided to pontang) before my registrar came in at 4pm to open it. Turns out to be a box of after eight chocolates from one of the patients.

The toll of the day made me wonder if she had leave a "hidden" message in terms of my finishing time today lol..

Actually .. It wasn't so "bad"... I only finished AFTER SEVEN................ -__-"

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Black Ice Party @ Brel

Black Ice was the theme of the GUSS X'mas dinner.
Thankfully no one slipped on their way to dinner

I had a nice pot of mussels and drowned myself with a bottle with Timmermans. Other highlights of the night were the duck salad and the chocolate brownie.

The waffle was... unfortunately upsetting..

Do Check out their Xmas menu. It looks good too.

P.s.. Been busy.. so posts have been shorter

Ashton Lane
Glasgow G12 8SJ
0141 342 4966

Brel on Urbanspoon

Its time to Jolly with a Pandoro

Hooray... Christmas is round the corner. ... and .... I've kicked started a series of dinner parties with one starting at my place.... unfortunately........ I din't managed many good pictures lolol... Too busy eating stuff liao !!!..... The next time I'll let my flatmates do the cooking and I'll take the pictures.....

So.... in place of the dinner pics... I shall present to u how we set up the pandoro

Step 1: remove the cake from its packaging.... Duh....

Step 2: Look for your best serrated knife ( the one with many teeth. aka bread knife). Slice the cake up into 1 inch layers

Step 3: Sprinkle the icing sugar (included in box) onto the top of the cake. Make sure u coat it evenly.

Step 4: Eat with your favourite icecream or whip cream. Our choice for the night was Haagen Daaz (2 Tubs for 4 pounds at your convinient Tesco Superstore. Limited TUBS!! )

And here's my helpful assistants Elne & Jsn. Don't you think they got a very good 夫妻相. I got them to use the cake for as a practice model for their actual wedding cake cutting ceremony lol.

Do Check out Elne's super cake recipe.


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