Friday, 31 July 2009

Hong Kong Kitchen, Whitesands

The desserts at Hongkong cafe always look nicer than they taste. Compared to the local desserts, I would give the local ones triple thumbs up. Haven't tried the dessets in HK before so I can't say how this compares to the authentic versions. I ordered the triple snow ice which came with 3 different drizzles consisting of red bean, pineapple and strawberry. I like the pineapple drizzle the best because it reminds me of this candy sweet that I used to eat when I was younger. The strawberry drizzle tasted rather artificial and the red bean drizzle seemed rather dry in texture. At least there was a generous serving of jelly and atap ji (palm seeds). My tower collapse before I could bring it down safely. haha

Tian had the french toast which smells really like oneof those franchise donuts. It was heavily ladened with caramel sauce. I was hoping to find some thing sandwich between the bread but it was PLAIN!!. oh well. I guess i was expecting too much . The dessert din turn out to be as sweet as I thought it would be and the ice cream help to provide a nice soothing feeling to each bite.

White Sands Shopping Mall
1 Pasir Ris Central Street 3
#01-14 White Sands Shopping Mall
Singapore 518457
Tel: +65-6583 3611

Operating Hours:
Monday to Thursday – 11am to 2am
Friday – 11am to 3am
Saturday – 9am to 3am
Sunday – 9am to 2am

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Home cook again more food this time

Mum prepared lots of food for dinner. haha she cooked 3, bought 1 and got 1 from a friend. Knowing that I might take some pictures, she automatically arranged the vegetable dish in a rather neat manner. She likes this picture alot because of the vibrant colours. I told her this one can sell for $12 haha.

This was bought from outside. Few pieces of pork and a huge slab of pig skin... The eggs were added on our own. Ok la not very pang (fragrant/appetising) but still passable

Remember the omega fish from the other day? According to Dad its actually called MIlk fish and is very popular in Phillipines and Indonesia. I think we had an overdose so we din't manage to finsih one side of it. -->

Sesame oil chicken provided by our neighbour. Very nice of them to share with us this dish. CHicken was burnt but that imparred a nice flavour to the meat.

Lotus pork rib soup. Very cheng. THink mum reduced the msg for this dish. Well, still works for me.

Yah ... been getting fat from eating so much . Need to hit the gym once I get back.

Braised Pork, originally uploaded by jiapui.

Cheng Tng

Afternoon snack of cheng tng prepared my mum consisting of ginko nuts, lotus seeds, dried longan and the better tasting yellow sweet potato. It was slightly blend but can be easily tweaked with some sugar.

Bought the ingredients for this to be brought back to Glasgow. Probably make it when I am free.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Sushi Tei, Paragon

Japanese food makes good food photography. Everything is so well crafted and placed to perfection. The myriad of colours help to provide a nice warm feel to the picture too. Met up with the 46sers for a reunion meal. Ask the SIngaporean guys and they will tell you conversations with their army buddies can be one of the most enjoyable things to do. It dosen't how many times the same stories are repeated, the humour just never wanes.

Ok anyway, KC had the sushi set above. If you like one of everything then thats a simple one to start off. I thought the set was pretty cheap compaired to UK but u know when u are in SIngapore earning in Sing Dollars then its a different story.

Next up TW's curry chicken katsu. Don't know how it taste but definately smelt good.

My first course was a chatsu ramen which was lovely. Sushi Tei may not be the pros at doing ramen but I am easily satisfied after being deprived of good Jap food for so long. THe noodles could have been a bit more chewy and maybe 2 more slices of pork would have made it the right man-sized portion.

My 2nd course was an oyakudon. Din't get a picture of it because I was too hungry and totally forgotten about it.

Shang's beef sukiyaki. I might try this the next time when i return to Sushi Tei. I wonder when :( Downside to this dish is that it dosen't come with rice. And you know me.. I eat lots of rice... (reminds me of see woo and the ripping rice haha)

They call this the phoenix roll. A tempura prawn with rice rolled over it topped with aavacado. This type of sushi roll seems to be gaining popularity here. (also one of my to eat list at sushi tei the next time)

KC's Eel set. This dish seems quite wu hua ( worthwhile). 5 different ways of serving the eel allows for 5 different ways of eating them.

Post dinner drinks at starbucks. Green tea frappacinno. Nice creamy and vanillaish but not green teaish enough.

Streets Café Restaurant 街头茶餐厅

Met up with Char for a quick lunch at Raffles City's Street Cafe. Another one of those Hong Kong cafes.

Char recommended deep fried pumpkin fries coated in salted egg yolk. This was going to be a killer for me . I don't like pumpkin and salted egg yolk. Turns out it wasn't so bad once u get pass the salted egg. the pumpkin tasted a little like sweet potato but texture wise felt like a pumpkin

I had the beef noodle which could have been much better. Stock wasn't robust and the few pieces of meat din fill me up. It was ok that means more space for street food

Char had BBQ chicken with nissin noodles. Comes with one egg and the chicken was smeared with a sweet looking sauce

Drinks.. Plum juice with lychee and the one behind is honey lemon

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

KL Food Hunt

Yup, I was in KL over the weekend. My 2nd time in KL in umpteen years but its nice to see the petronas towers in its full physical form. A pretty impressive structure that is visible from all corners of KL.

Zac and San brought WY and I to this place in petaling for some authentic malaysian food. Read so much about Petaling street food and finally I am here to savour them all. I was quite ambitious intially and wanted to try everything but my big giant belly was starting to burst my pants so I decided to go easy haha.

We ordered some yong tau fu . Tasted different la and its like due to the fresh fish paste that they use and the huge amount of oil that they bath-fried them in. I ate almost half of the whole plate because no body was eating haha.

WY decide to order po piah but for some reason no one ate it and I have to finish it. It was light than the SIngaporean version. Especially the skin which was super thin and there wasn't an overdose of the sweet sauce.

And there was dry ban mien. I am not a big fan of ban mien. I told them I havent heard of a dry version of ban mien with a soy sauce gravy. Looks nice and the noodles tasted really chewy al dente what ever u call it.

Ok here's the char kway teow. Tasted awesome but I was almost full by this time and still have to eat one more plate on my own after devouring a bowl of assam laksa. so the char kway teow tasted good and taste better than the average ones u get back in singapore. Not to forget, they use really fresh prawns here too and the good frying technique imparts a nice wok hei flavour to the local kway teow

OH and there was the bowl of assam laksa which I finally got to try after hearing so much about it from PY. Its nice but not something I would immediately order on first instinct. Tasted almost like meesiam but I found the combination of mackeral fish with a soury sauce and thick rice noodle with a table spoon full of prawn paste ( hei kor) quite an unusal combination but somehow when u mix eveerything together it still works . OH well... haha apparently girls like this really sour dish. I agree. What say u guys??

A nice lime juice to cool down the heat. Notice the difference in colour from the ones in singapore. This looks more liek sugar cane. haha. It comes with a piece of sour plum hence the spoon.

After that we went to KL Convention Centre, beneath the petronas towers, for some desserts at Madam Kwans. I had the ice chendol. Pretty normal but the gula melaka was really fragrant.

WY had the ice campur which resembled an ice kachang but Mel was quick to point out that ice campur uses a really red syrup and not the usual red green syrup with gula melaka. Any malaysians out there can differnetiate between the 2?

Thanks WY , Z and San for the wonderful treat. PLease invite me back soon lol.!!!

Monday, 27 July 2009

Home Cook Food!!.

OK .. haven't posted for a week. Guess I have been too busy enjoying myself. Also, I was up in KL for a friend's wedding which turn out to be a really memorable event.

Anyway, I am back home to be pampered by mum's food again. So let's check out what she cooked today.

Ngor Hiang is a specialty in my household and in alot of teochew households. Our variation includes, pork, prawns, mushroom, five spic, chest nut and i think Taro which mum din include today. Pan fried after steaming. Tasty on its own without any sauce.

Mum calls this omega fish. It could be because the fish has a high omega oil content. I wasn't able to find this fish on google. hmm.. The fish has a pretty firm consistency and has this extra row of paravertebrae bones which made eating the meat slightly tricky.

Some nice cabbage to go along and a bowl of herbal chicken soup to nourish the body.

Finally a plate of home grown guava to finish off the meal. These guavas come from a tree that we translocated from our old kampung almost 15 years ago. It taste so different from what you get outside.

Hope to post more often but been busy editing the wedding photos.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

chicken carrot winter melon soup

Pai seh .. (excuse me) I haven't been posting because I AM BACK IN SINGAPORE WOOHOO.. yeah i left cold glasgow for sunny Singapore last friday. It really is hot here: a contribution of the intense heat from the sun and the warm from family and friends. Thankfully, I got aircon now haha.

Being back home means I get pampered by mum's cooking. See you get tonic soup like chicken carrot and winter melon soup. Very nice and "cheng" (clear?)

Nice fluffy prawn egg fried in just the right amount of oil with fresh tiny prawns. Thus, you only need a touch of soy sauce or salt to enhance the flavour of the prawns.

And lastly, a very interesting fish.. called parrot fish .. Probably got its name from the shape of its mouth. What do you think? Apparently there's also monkey fish and lizard fish. Maybe more of that next time. Boiled in a soy sauce broth to add flavour to the somewhat bland taste of the delicate meat.

Stay tune folks and I hope to bring more photos to the table.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Tung1's Farewell dinner at Lung Foong

Well, finally after months of contemplatating, Tung1 has decided to leave Glasgow for Down under in pursue of a different working life and maybe some hot Aussie dude. So.. her horde of friends decided to celebrate her departure with a dinner at the oldest restaurant in Glasgow, Lung Fung. Lung Fung's good for dim sum. The only times I have been here for dinner is during the Singsoc CNY Dinner. It can be hit and miss depending on what you order.

3 Roast, Very good!! Fragrant skin. Savoury Sauce

Monk Fish Pot. Love this dish. Chunks of fried monk fish with Roast port in a seafoodish sauce.

Shredded chicken with jelly fish. Needs to be a bit more sourish. Great as a cold appetitser not as a hot main dish.

Mince pork with Egg plant. Nicely done.

Sambal kang kong. Not hot enough la lol.

HK style sweet and sour pork. Good stuff if only the pork was crispier

Pipa Tofu. I was too slow. Din't get to try.

Salt and Pepper Squid. Why can't they have this in Singapore???

Yup all these for 12 pounds per head with UNLIMITED RICE... hence my 3 bowls. On top of the food, we get free karaok. Song list was extensive and pretty up to date.

Last but not least. Tung1's Birthday cake made by the expert Tung4. Since she won't be around for her birthday, we brought it forward.

Here's cake no.1 a vanillia sponge cake topped with assorted fruits. Fruits on top of cakes are very typical HK style decorations. Well, that's the observation that I made.

And.. cake no.2 . Look at how cute it is with the little tooth decorations. The black ones are decayed teeth. The reason why its full of teeth is because Tung1 is a dentish. I really like the creativeness of this decoration. 5*****

Yup... All the best Tung1 and keep in touch with us.

Loon Fung
417 Sauchiehall Street,
Glasgow, G2 3LG

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Rice Wars I: The Rice Bowl Menace

Hi all, Sorry again for the lack of post. Been busy entertaining friends and catching up with my microscopes. This dinner was from a few days ago at See woo. Yes... again.. The cycle repeats itself.....Asia style... See woo.. china blue.... rumours..... Thats the problem when you stay in Glasgow. There is a limited amount of chinese restaurant. A point which I reiterate over and over again. Then again, I should be rejoicing in the fact that I'll be heading home this friday . WOOHOO!!..

Moving on to the food.. The complimentary soup seems to be getting better and better. This time round we have a more familliar concoction of lotus root and spare ribs. Meat was well salted and the soup was nicely bland. None of that msg nonsense.

Being able to read chinese characters is a good skill to have when eating at See woo because there's no english translation in the menu. To make things worse for my half past six chinese, the characters are in olden day writing. After managing to pronouce the dish, you need to decipher what the dish is all about. For example, there was this fantasy name to the seafood dish above but it simply turn out to be a seafood tofu hotplate. The savoury oyster sauce was nice but nothing spectacular.

The picture dosent't tell much but its basically duck coated with yam and deep fried. One of Aa's favourite dish but today it was dissapointing. The roast duck was too dry. I suspect they have over fried it or used some leftover duck.. Sigh.. it tasted so much better the last time when it was laden with oil haha.

And then the last dish. My favourite salted egg... NOT... I grew up not liking salted egg or century egg. The taste was just too strong for my infancy taste buds. However, as i grew older, tastebuds start to change and you crave for something more exciting rather than just your tomato ketchup or mayo. This dish is pretty similar to salted yolk crab in Singapore but substituted with the prawns. Good thing about this dish is the prawns were huge and reasonably fresh tasting. Downside was the small portion.

Finally, COmplimentary dessert in the form of strawberry jelly and chocolate cake. The pieces were small but sufficient to calm my hunger at the end of the meal. I think the best part of the dinner was the free bags of bread that they took from the bakery to give to us. Free of Charge!!. There were like 10 pieces of bo lo pao, coconut bread, ham and cheese bread and some other sweet bread. Not bad la.

Oh one more thing. Rice is charged by the portion now. 2 pounds for each portion and each portion is only half of what I normally eat for dinner. Sighs.... End of free flow rice days.
Aa's famous quote: " wah, 6 pounds for 3 bowls of rice. Uncle I can but 5kg of rice from your supermarket ah"

See Woo Restaurant
The Point, 29 Saracen Street,
Hamilton Hill,
Glasgow G22 5HT
+44 (0) 141 331 6105


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