Saturday, 11 December 2010

Its time to Jolly with a Pandoro

Hooray... Christmas is round the corner. ... and .... I've kicked started a series of dinner parties with one starting at my place.... unfortunately........ I din't managed many good pictures lolol... Too busy eating stuff liao !!!..... The next time I'll let my flatmates do the cooking and I'll take the pictures.....

So.... in place of the dinner pics... I shall present to u how we set up the pandoro

Step 1: remove the cake from its packaging.... Duh....

Step 2: Look for your best serrated knife ( the one with many teeth. aka bread knife). Slice the cake up into 1 inch layers

Step 3: Sprinkle the icing sugar (included in box) onto the top of the cake. Make sure u coat it evenly.

Step 4: Eat with your favourite icecream or whip cream. Our choice for the night was Haagen Daaz (2 Tubs for 4 pounds at your convinient Tesco Superstore. Limited TUBS!! )

And here's my helpful assistants Elne & Jsn. Don't you think they got a very good 夫妻相. I got them to use the cake for as a practice model for their actual wedding cake cutting ceremony lol.

Do Check out Elne's super cake recipe.

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