Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Ubiquitous chip

Ubiquitous - "adjective existing or being everywhere, esp. at the same time; omnipresent" Scotland's Cornucopia in a relaxed ambience by informed staff.

We headed down to Ubiquitous chip on Ashton lane for dinner this evening. Booked a 5pm.co.uk 3 course meal for 16 quid. Items came from the 5pm menu and not the main menu. To be honest, I wasn't super impressed by the food but the ingredients were definately of better quality than alot of other restaurants. Afterall, its a 1 michelin star restaurant according to Aa. I'll have to come back someday to try the full menu.

Here's one of the starters. Steam egg with chicken inside. I am going to do away with the fancy names and just tell you what's in it haha. I am 1/10 drunk at the moment lol. Very light very smooth and has a gentle chicken essence within it. A small portion. WY finished it in 2 gulps.

PY made a suprise trip down today to join us. She had her all time favourite mussels. This was mussels Meniere style. I confused meniere with marinara which was a tomato based sauce. Meniere means cooked with Shallots, White Wine and Fresh Herbs. haha kinda thought of Meniere's disease for a moment which is totally different.

This is a terrine of duck and pork. Think of it like a lap cheong haha. Terrine's actually a term for teh earthware that they use but by extension it can also be used to describe the food that is made from it. Terrine normally consists of game meat, pates. It is pressed and chill then turned out and served in slices. My was quite nice. Aa would have liked it.

C had tomato soup. Simple but executed to perfection.

This is the colalr of ayrshire bacon with black pudding, roasted pineapple and bayleaf skewer and malvasia sauce. Yah thats a mouth ful. I had a little bite of the bacon. Super salty man. Aa finished it... Gulps..

I had the beef. No idea why its so red almost like it had been smoked. Definately tasted more salted than the usual meat. I wished it was more simple like a piece of grilled beef. The mash and greens were nice though.

Mullet. Hmm fresh and yummy.

Sctoch Madeira Trifle. Trifle's a mixture of cake, fruit, custard and whipped cream. The custard was lovely and well enriched with vanilla flavour. The acidity of fruit penetrates the sweetness of the custard so that you won't find it too "gelat"

Upside Down apple tart with cinnamon ice cream. Oo.. sugar overload. I din try this but from the looks of it looks quite sweet..

And Finally..





Yup.. Its my birthday today. Treated myself to a bag from ALDO today. Big G kept asking me what I wanted haha I said nothing which is kinda true for now at least but there were things I needed and the bag's one of them haha. Pretty satisfied with it although it was a huge dent to the wallet. Oh well.. its my birthday gotta pamper myself a bit.

Totally did not expect this haha. Normally I make the cakes and suprise people but today I got the cake instead. Nope not a cheesecake but a death by chocolate cake from Peckhams. Oh boy its super rich. Super super rich... I couldn't finsih it but I'll eat it over the next few days.

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and all the effort for making my day a happy one.

26 years old now... 1 year older... none the wise... haha nah I don't think so.

Ubiquitous Chip

8-12 Ashton Lane
Glasgow, G12 8SJ
0141 334 5007

Open :
Mon-Thu 11am-10:45pm;
Fri-Sat 11am-11:45pm
Sun 12:30pm-10:45pm


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