Saturday, 13 August 2011

Viva La Cheese: Cheese and Wine Tasting Session

This is a long overdue post. Almost 2 months in fact. Opps. Anyway let's get on to the cheesy side of things.

The story goes like this: The team at Sopexa have organised a night of Cheese and Wine appreciation at Pechkams@The Glass hoouse. Thanks to this whole food blogging business, I got a wee email invitation about it and thought I had to bring K along for some Formaggio.

I have to admit my knowledge of Cheese is atrocious but the lovely Roving Fromagiere, Phoebe Wellar reassured me that I would know at least 10 new French Cheeses by that evening.

OatCAkes, Grapes and some celery to accompany our beautiful platters of cheese. *the cheese smelt so bad they actually smelt good after awhile

Cheese anyone?

Here's Phoebe trying to explain to us about the different types of cheese.

It wasn't all about tasting. After-all, it was a cheese appreciation session and she made us grab some of the harder cheeses, squash them to release the essential oils and give it a good sniff.

Looking very learned here.

The range of cheese that we tried for the evening were Emmental, Tomme de savoie, Comté, Brie, Camembert, Saint Nectaire, Petit Langres, Epoisses, Bleu de Causses and Bleu d'auvergne.

My favourite had to be the Comté. A semi hard cheese with a savoury nutty flavour. I could have just snacked on it and I reckon melting it over some button cap mushrooms would be a great appetiser .

Old favourites like brie, camembert and emental never fail to impress me. Boy am I going to miss all these cheap and good quality cheese when I go back home.

Blue cheese was never a favourite of mind. Sad to disappoint you Phoebe but I really tried lol.

All the cheese above been wiki-linked if you wanna know more about them.

Overall, the experience was fun, enlightening and certainly filling.

Thanks to Phoebe for guiding us through the French Cheese. If you would like a cheese and wine appreciation session right in your own home, do check out her website above.

The wine for the night was kindly sponsered by the French Connection and the Cheese courtesy of Peckhams.

Many thanks to Sarah for the Invite. K and I had a Great time.

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