Sunday, 1 April 2012

Ben & Jerry's Core Series


It seems to take ages for B & J to come up with new flavours for ice cream. (I am only ranting because I have almost exhausted all the flavours in UK)

Excited I am much, (pardon the yoda grammer) when these 3 new flavours came onto the market.

I have sneakily finished 2 tubs on my own while my flatmates were away and boy were they delicious. Not sure what anti freeze produce they add to the thick gooey core sauce but they were smooth as sauce can be despite freezing away in my freezer.

I am going to be bias here and say they all taste good. Grab them whilst they are still discounted at Tesco !!


Jacqueline said...

A gulity pleasure!!!

I do hope it isn't anti-freeze they are using in the core, haha :D

~(_"_) said...

haha it was full of awesome goodness.

hope all's good up north !!!

boat hardware supplies said...

cream of the gods =D
I love the originality and the thousands of flavors of Ben & Jerry's
My favorites flavors are:
cinnamon buns,cream brule,karamel sutra and peanut brittle


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