Saturday, 5 May 2012

Bruadar, The Millhouse


The burger hunt brought me to the end of Byres road.
For years I have sought to seek out for a place in Glasgow,  to satisfy my cravings for a juicy, meaty, power packed burger with loads of fries and good going slaw. 
Sad to say, I din't find it here. 

Even more sad, I think Burger king still triumphs them all  IMHO

 +ve: Frnech fries, purple cabbage slaw, great variety of burgers, NOT CROWDED which gives it a really exclusive feeling. Ample parking nearby. Wide range of booze.

-ve: Not the ultimate burger. 6oz patty was too small for my big burger appetite. Wasn't juicy.

Perhaps I will return again to give it one more chow.

Bruadar, The Millhouse
2 Partickbridge Street 
G11 6PL
Tel: 0141 337 1200

P.s : Trying really hard to blog but been busy. It will be better come August. !!!

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