Sunday, 3 January 2010

Happy 2010 !!!!

Happy new year! So fast so fast 2010 has arrived. I am sure everyone has lots of memories to reflect on from the past ten years. 10 years since the the turn of the millenium, when I first started JC and finally... finally!! I am going to graduate well .. again LOL!... Anyway, we can leave that all to one side and focus on the food.

So K decided he wanted Turkey because he had to slog on Christmas day and miss the dinner. Since Aa and C did most of the cooking this time, I guess it was my turn to volunteer and help as well.. Didnt do much, K, XL and WY did most of the stuff.

As you can see above is the giant 5.65kg turkey bought from Sainsbury. We decided to get it before Christmas and freeze it in case we couldn't get one for the new year dinner. Guess what!!! the price of turkey fell by half after Christmas. Stuffings fell by 50% on Boxing day Morning and fell by another 80% that very same afternoon..... -_-"

OK anyway... The turkey was deliciously moist and well seasoned. I am not a big fan of the big bird because they tend to be dry in texture but this bird was fine and the stuff in it was great too. The use of orange blossom honey perfused the bird extremely well added a nice char to it.. Well done K..

I did a tomato pesto baked ORGANIC !!! salmon... I've never bought organic stuff but since it was on sales.. why not. It tasted great hahaaha guess it was due to the freshness more than anything else.

Broccoli, aubergine and cauliflower? gratin. Nice and not over cheesy. Made by K.

WY's potato dish inspired by Jamie Oliver and salvaged by XL. I commented that it tasted like chicken rice and WY pointed out that he added chicken stock to it. Taste great and provided some balance to the turkey.

And there goes the turkey!


As usual.. more desserts and here's a christmas log to finish off with some B and J's!

P.s: Congrats K and XL.

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