Sunday, 12 September 2010

Daniel's Bistro

We celebrated YR's birthday at Daniel's Bistro located along the famous Edinburgh restaurant row set within the commercial quay area. The restaurant is open by Daniel Vencker as clearly stated on the signboard. The main food theme here is French Scottish.. which I normally take it as either as French food cooked by a Scot or French food done using Scottish produce.

We went for the 2 course menu at 16.85 or 3 courses for 18.86 pounds.... For starters, I decided to have the classic french soup.. I wouldn't know what an authentic one would have tasted like despite having been to France twice. My soup's flavour was pleasantly filled with onion essence but what I did not like was the level of acidity.. A wee bit too sour Wee?

One of the other appetizers on the table. Escargot. Do u like the taste of grass?

Le Cassoulet, An extremely hearty casserole consisting of mixed beans, Duck, pork shank, garlic and Toulouse Sausages. The meat combination worked out in the end and I just love the beans!!.

Daniel's celebrated hearty Beef Bourguignon Casserole, Very tender cubes of beef. I don't normally order beef stews cos they are relatively easy to cook..

Lastly, my mix grill of lamb chop and sausages accompanied by ratatouille and mash potato. I wonder what went into the potato mash. It was creamily delicious. The lamp was perfectly cooked although I wasn't too impressed by the sausages.

We din't have desserts cos we had this... ... The dessert menu looks delixciting!!!

So there we go, a French restaurant in Edinburgh for a day.

Daniel's Bistro
88 Commercial Street
Edinburgh EH6 6LX
Tel: 0131 553 5933

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Timothy said...

Daniel's Bistro serves some of the most amazing dishes I've ever tasted, it's one of my favourite restaurants in Edinburgh. I love the hearty take on French cuisine but it's not for everybody.


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