Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Egg Tarts from Waitrose

Hello all.... Still alive... post nights 2 days of break and I am back to back shift for 2 days and nights for 6 more days....

ANyway I shall clear some of the dust from this blog with this post about EGG TARTS!!!

I don't usually get so excited about them. Its not a must order for me at dim sum restaurants but the reason why I decided to blog about this is because.....

I found this great offer of 2 egg tarts for 69 p, 4 for 139p at Waitrose... ITs not even on OFFER and its already so cheap!!!...

At least I wont have to go all the way to Chinatown now to get an egg tart fix..

Taste wise it almost resembles the Chinese version but as u can see its much less jaundice in colour compared to its Asian cousin LOL..

This batch that I bought though din taste as great as the first batch.. Somehow it tasted more egg whitish and less sweet..

Nevertheless... I still quite enjoy them.. YUM YUM !!

Since its so cheap , get a batch the next time you drop by Waitrose, Byres Road

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