Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The Festive dinner aftermath.....

I have to admit... :X I tend to overeat over the festive break....and there's really no stopping no matter how hard I try... Yes... Gluttony.....

The least I could do was not to waste all that food after the main event.

With most of the shops closed after the holidays, it is important that you stock up on some basic perishables like vegetables and milk. We used some of the left over bacon and chicken to whip up a chicken Alfredo (haha how app!). We have recently switched to using a much tastier pasta from De cecco. Its got a great al dente texture after cooking but good quality comes with price. 1.50pounds normally but Sainsbury's doing a 1 pound offer at the moment.

If you prefer Chinese, how about some fried rice ?? I haven't cooked a fried rice since 3rd year. 1. I dont have a fire big enough to give me that nice wok flavour. 2. Too much effort chopping up all that stuff and having to cook rice and recook everything all over again... Technically I din't cook the rice this time.. Aa did it.

There's this whole debate about how the egg should be in-cooperated into the rice. Some like it cracked into the wok with the rice (as in the picture). SOme like the rice coated with raw egg before frying and some just prefers a sunny side up over the rice so that they can burst the yolk and spill it over the rice.

What's your preference ?

And if you've still got more food left from after cooking 2 meals haha I think the solution is to dump it into a pot and make a stew and eat it for a few more days.

I took whatever's left of the carrots, potatos, pork, celery, tomato, herbs, added some tomato paste and vege stock and dumped it all together.

Very hearty indeed but really too heavy haha...

Next up... CNY in FEB

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