Saturday, 15 January 2011

Selamat Datang Wau Cafe

The prospect of a new Asian cafe in Glasgow always stirs up a huge appetite for my flatmates and I. I was stunned when AS told me that there's a new Malaysia cafe in Yorkhill. Unexpectedly, it turns out to be a full fledged Malay Malaysian cafe. WoOTs~~! *btw AS claims to have been visiting this place on a daily basis. O _ O ~!!!!

The flat turned up in full force one weekday evening, with hunger and anticipation building up over the course of our less than great days at work. Surprisingly, no one was in the cafe but I wonder if that's because the place is newly open.

The opening conversation immediately brought a sense of familiarity that set the expectation of this place. Authenticity.

We started off with a trio of appetisers that included curry puffs, satay and soup kambing. The satay was well seasoned with galangal and tumeric spices and complimented really well with the peanut sauce. Satay was abit dry (deep fried or grilled?) but was salvaged by the ketuput that helped moisten things up. Kambing soup was great for a cold evening. The Curry puff however was mediocre. I would definitely go for the potatos over the sardine.

Moving on to the main course, Aa and I decided to whack 2 mains. i know we were being greedy but we were also uber hungry. I had the nasi goreng with chicken curry. haha I totally didn't expect my nasi goreng to be what it looked like and what was more bizarre was that it tasted like char kway teow haha.. I was very amused and nevertheless wolfed down the whole plate. Next up was my mee goreng haha. Certainly quite different from the version at rumours and the verson at the malay food store in LPS.

C and Aa went for the wau cafe nasi lemak set. There was a choice of beef rendang or ayam goreng with nasi lemak, egg, 2 satays and really solid sambal. I ll give good marks for the rice and sambal. I just wished the sambal had alittle more fire in it.

Aa had mee bandung as his seconds. I din't learn about mee bandung until really recently. I had a taste of it and was rather intrigue.

THe meal wouldn't have been completed without desserts. I don't think these were bought from a factory or anything. They look good enough to be home made and I would say was the best course of the meal. THe irony is that I wouldnt normally buy Malay dessert in SIngapore but because I m here in Glasgow where every Asian food is more difficult to find, I couldn't resist sampling them . Taste Good!!

Overall, we had a great time there at the cafe. The food was nice but unfortunately was not mind blowing. The portions could be bigger and its chilli have a higher level of spiciness. Having said that, the culinary skills showcased remains a niche market that is bound to attract lots of SEA students. I believe with time, we can expect more great tasting malaysian cuisines from them.

Wau Cafe, Glasgow
27 Old Dumbarton Road
Glasgow G3 8RD

Opening hours
Tue - Thurs 1130- 2130
Fri 1400 - 2100
Sat 1130 - 2130
Sun 1130 - 1730
Mon Closed

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