Saturday, 25 February 2012

♥ Tribeca Glasgow

I feel so liberated having finished 7 nights. The thought of just being able to chill throughout the day not having to worry about getting up at 6pm, rush through a microwave dinner and be in for work at 8pm makes me = )

The night crew decided on American Breakfast Cafe, Tribeca, for our post night grub.

*Looking forward to the Huge portions of pancakes, potatos, honey, bread, sausages, eggs lots & lots of eggs !!!!


I settled on The Varick!.. My tired brain must have been confused. I went for the French toast instead. To say the least the portions were huge though: a Head of baguette and 2 thick toast soaked in "eggie" batter. The accompanying maple syrup provided much of the needed sugar I had burnt on my last night. I like how it came in a nice Ikea Glass jar. *Gimmicky but I like !


My friend had the Egg Benedicts on Toasted Seeded Bagel, topped with Smoked Salmon.
He must be hungry. I was barely halfway through my plate and he had finished his.


I got to try some of my other friend's Brooklyn. A 3 layer pancake stack with butter and syrup. She was hungry and needed a savoury fix. Hence the Bacon.

You know... I am glad there is some sort of an American Cafe around. I've grew up wondering what it was like having some American breakfast in a cafe sitting amongst a cool gang of friends. The deco (including that Yellow NY Taxi) and all provided a great American feel.
As for the food, I've got a bit of a mix feeling. It looks the part. Larger portions than usual but... the taste didn't blow me away.
*blame it on the tiredness. I think I will be back again just to give it one more shot

Tribecca Cafe
102 Dumbarton Road
Glasgow G11 6NX
Tel: 0141 576 0122

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