Friday, 24 February 2012

Banana Leaf - Malaysia Chinese Cuisine

Once upon a time there was Asia Style and then Rumours came along. As the popularity of Malaysian Cuisine grew, China Blue also set up its lunch time menu to conquer the world of underexplored Malaysian flavours in Glasgow.

Just about a month ago, I found out that the Old Canton restaurant had revamped into Banana Leaf. Essentially, the very same restaurant but now improvised with a new leafy green deco, friendly staff who bring Malaysian hospitality and awesome AWESOME food.


I have had alot of 3 meat roast in Glasgow; most of them in the bigger Chinese restaurants. To find such an amazing platter of roast in this establishment, makes me wonder who is the masterchef helming the kitchen. The duck was juicy, the skin was crisp, the pork was tender yet still retaining that crackling good skin and the charsiew .... wow... reminds me of home haha.
(sounds like I am over selling it but I really really liked it !!)


Kam Heong Chicken has the flavours of Chinese, Malay and Indian all mixed together. The secret behind the flavours lies in the combinations of dried shrimps, chili, curry powder and curry leaves to give this dish its distinct aroma.


This was probably the least favourite dish of the night. Its called Ikan Bakar which means burnt fish. The fish was .... not burnt.. haha. The sambal sauce was nice but it needs that carbonised effect on skin and meat and sauceeeeee to elevate the taste.


The kong pow squid was deep fried in batter and then stir fried with a great amount of heat and chilli. Well coated and I think it was the favourite dish amongst most of my friends that night.


The hot plate seafood tofu had a great mix of ingredients and yummy oyster sauce flavour. More tofu would have been nice.


The fibre of the night went to kai lan sauteed with tenderised beef. Can't really go wrong when its well fried with a good amount of garlic and oil.


The last item I got to eat was an umami packed plate of deep fried soft shell crab. Deep fried mince garlic, salt and pepper. yum yum.

I had plain rice but for 50p more, you can enjoy coconut rice (nasi lemak) or Chicken rice.

Not to forget, there's dessert as well. Honey dew sago, BOH BOH CHAR CHAR !!! and goreng pisang. Sadly I had to go for night shift.

It was a steal really. 7 dishes plus desserts and drinks (non alcoholic) for 20 pounds each.

With 4 players in the market now, the competition has grown and certainly represents the greater interest that the local population have for spicy, flavourful asian cuisine.

I hope these pictures are enough to tantalise your taste buds to warrant a trip down this evening. Afterall its Friday.

Banana Leaf - Malaysia Chinese Cuisine
87 Cambridge Street
Glasgow G3 6RU
(There is a FB page. If anyone finds it, can you PM me. Thanks)

p.s. Not to be confused with Banana Leaf the South Indian Takeaway in Yorkhill which is a great takeaway not to be neglected !!!!

P.s.s I miss blogging but I am obviously too busy with my job at the moment...


Anonymous said...

realised that the address you given is not the same as the one on their facebook page.

boat hardware supplies said...

wow 7 dishes ,desserts and drinks all for 20 pounds is great good prices.
The kai lan sauteed with tenderized beef looks delicious and i love the garlic. Thanks for share.


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