Sunday, 11 March 2012

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On request of Aa, we decided to do brunch at Tribecca.
It was his turn to savour the glorious post night breakfast. Sadly, there's still 4 more nights to go .
The place was empty at 1025am but started to fill up as we approach the 11am mark. No reservations accepted btw.


Totally love the canopy


Aa went for the stacked pancakes which he gave a good thumbs up. Fluffy as one would like them to be.

I went for THE HUDSON: A classic Honey Roast Ham, Tomato & Melted Swiss Cheese Omelette. Served with a generous portion of toast.

Mind you , these omelettes consist of 5 eggs per serving. Be totally WoWed when the UFO-sized plate land on the table. I am sure they use large eggs or ostrich egg of some sort.. (joking..)

I was extremely full by the end of the meal. Managed to stay satiated until dinner time. Certainly makes the 12 pound meal (Medium Mocha included) more value for money

Tribecca Cafe
102 Dumbarton Road
Glasgow G11 6NX
Tel: 0141 576 0122

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