Tuesday, 10 November 2009

A nice meal from C

This is definately a unique sauce from Prima Taste. I heard of this method of using laksa paste to cook fried a while back so I was quite fired up to find out how tasty this dish can get.

There you go!. The paste as a nice brownish colour to the rice, top with it up with some crabsticks (yes you do get crab sticks in supermarkets here) and you get a nice plate of uniquely singaporean laksa fried rice. I must say the fragrance of the paste did more than enough to whet my appetite. The taste itself was like laksa with the full aroma of laksa leaves lingering on with each mouthful sans the "jelat" (cloying) taste of excess coconut milk that you get with some laksa noodles.

We had a bowl of egg drop soup as well haha. SOmething i never get at home because most soups are freshly cooked. Egg drop soup is basically a simple mixture of a premix with water and of course the egg drop.

On top of all that, some stir fry honey spare ribs. Totally sticky and yummy but boy was it a pain to wash up the pan after. lol

Thanks C

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