Tuesday, 17 November 2009


The lack of posts recently can only be attributed to one thing..... Time.... I am still eating though lol... My stomach is like an alarm clock that rings inappropriately during lectures and clinics, never ceasing to remind that I should be eating more for breakfast and less often at midnite.

Moving on... this was a meal from some time ago at rumours when C was on nights and it was just Aa and I. He had Singaporean laksa which didn't taste like it at all. Obviously from inspection alone, you will notice the charsiew is pretty out of place. Taste wise, he din't think it tasted like Singapore laksa but more like a coconutty curry broth.

I went for Malaysian Mee sua. First impression was "wah got Pork lard!!" Aa was more excited than me and hurried to help me finish off those little fatties. Taste wise, it reminded me of a childhood noodle dish that I used to "dabao" from the cze char store near my place. Ok la but I felt the Singaporean mee sua dish tastes better.

Will try and post when I am free. Like noW! lol

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