Wednesday, 23 December 2009

German Christmas Market, Glasgow

Hey All!... I am Still alive despite the snowy weather that has been peppering the quiet streets of byres road. It dosen't snow much over here but this year seems to be a little different. 7 weeks to exams and you can probably guess why I haven't been posting often but I thought I shall take some time off the books and post some pictures from the weekend visit to the German Xmas market at St Enoch's. Gosh its been 2 years i think since i came to this little fair tuck at the south end of Buchanon street.

Well.. Most of these fairs are pretty standard and sell the usual christmasy stuff like artificial snow, xmas lightings, xmas trees, blah blah blah and lotsa candies which kids love.

There we go... a candy shop with lotsa lotsa candies. I used to love these alot especially the cola ones. Not that I don't like them anymore but rather I've found more interesting stuff to eat

Food's the biggest attraction for me at such markets and the main reason why I have come all the way from the comfort of my room to -4 in the open.. brrr...

Goulash and potatos..

Some yummy yummy German sausage. I had one. Super duper oily

And I had another beef burger.

To be honest, the food was ok only and definately was overcharged but it was the novelty of eating out in the cold and doing the whole xmasy activity that made it memorable.

Before we made our way out, we stumbled upon this!!!!!!

A huge candy store selling chooclates and nuts. As you can see they are really overpriced. 8 pieces of grapes for 2 pounds ... hmm... IT WAS WORTH IT... SO GOOD !!!!! I bought a strawberry for C on K's recommendation

Sugar coated nuts. Got Aa a packet.

More yummy ginger bread cookies with sugary frosting

Can't wait for Xmas and the boxing day sales.

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