Thursday, 17 December 2009

Rice Wars III: The Bowl Strikes BacK!!!

Alamaks... Just when I thought the rice bowl would never be set upon my table again, I was proven wrong. The moment the waitress ask us how many bowls of rice we wanted, an air of suspicion surround the table and we were presented with the horrible truth.. . Sighz... (See Part I and Part II here)

Align Centre

Complimentary soup. Less salty today and more "gum" bitterrishh?

Aa's favourite Yam duck. Ok la ..

Oysteregg? haha not quite. Some sort of teochew clam egg... ok only la..

Beef Horfun. C's request. This was good. A tad oily

Papaya Soup Dessert. Nice way to emulsify all that fatiness.

Wait... no favourite dish for myself?? ....... NO ... because my favourite rice was ruined...... it was so heavily pressed into the claypot bowls that it somehow lost its fluffiness and tasted dry.... Sianess... At least there was horfun..

Been really busy with studying... so fewer and fewer post coming in but watch out for the Christmas postings coming up. Aa is whipping up a feast.!!!!

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