Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Zizzi's AgaiN!!!

OK we were lazy again.....

and since the restaurant's at such a convinient location with ample seating all the time...

y not.

obviously the food's rather tasty which is why we always head back

Here's my seafood rissotto.... 12 pounds of seafoodish porridge haha.. I dont think my dad will like this despite his affection for seafood . Much of the smoked fish taste was infused into the rissotto. Rather than putting me off, I actually liked it. There were at least 6 prawns.. yes.. I counted.

Oh... the food here tends to be a little spicy.. even for me..

Zizzi's Glasgow
8 Cresswell Lane, Glasgow
Glasgow, G12 8

0141 334 8258

Zizzi Glasgow West End on Urbanspoon

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