Thursday, 18 November 2010

MOther and Daughter Tag Team Cook OUT!!

Cook out at the Tung Castle this evening, with LingT wiping up a peppery and ironically Singapore Bah Kut Teh !!!.

Credits to her for cooking up this cauldron of a meat stew.

The cooking skills have definitely improved after becoming a modern housewife lO!L!OL!

That wasn't all that we were eating that night.. .....


~ ~ ~ * * * * * LUCKY * * * * * ~ ~ ~

Auntie immediately grabbed some gong jai min when I asked her if we were having "long har min"

At least now I can say I have had lobster with instant noodles hahaa..

We couldn't wait to dive into dish but obviously I was once again holding everyone back with my food paparazzi

Yum Yum !!

P.s. Please focus on the claw and not on the girl LO!LOL!

Thank you for the dinner L & Auntie K

1 comment:

Ling said...

Like this post hehe
I'm hungry!!!


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