Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Lamb Stew

My First time making a lamb shank stew... Reason being... I find lamb to be one of the more pricey meats. Its not like chicken, beef or pork where you get alot more meat. Plus... if you don't cook it correctly, it can turn out to be rubbery and tasteless... ( <-- Not always true)

It was a combination of "I wanted to try something new" and the availability of cheap lamb that led me to this dish.

No regrets and very simple if you follow this recipe that I used . The only things I omitted were the bay leaves and bay leaf.

I don't normally praise my own cooking but i really really fell in love with the flavour of the stew. And the goose fat potatos were gorgeous. YUM YUM.
Just need to remember to use slightly leaner lamb and to skim off the excess fat the next time.
Although I am sure a nice loaf of artisan bread will do the broth a good amount of justice.
*Brown you meat. Charred bits give you more flavour.

P.s: I'll show you what I did with the remaining red wine in a another post.

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