Friday, 25 March 2011

The Pelican Cafe

I love it when a restaurant prides itself on using the freshest local produce that change with the seasons. Its quite difficult to get a place at this restaurant. That's how good it is.
Thankfully, I had some time off my mental receiving shift and was able to meet up with JM for a quick lunch.

Prices are slightly on the pricier side. A three course will set you back by about 20-25 pounds but the lunch deal here isn't all that expensive if you consider the food that you get.

I had the Pelican Fish and chips comprising of a COley fillet, sea bass, king prawns in an ale batter served with Goose fat chips and minty peas. Every bit was delectable. Variety is the key. Wouldn't it be nice if most chippies do like a combo fish and chip. The chips were uber yummy too, must be the goose fat..

JM had the West Coast Scottish shellfish linguine with scallop coral cream and rockets. The linguini was so ever slightly overcooked but I can overlook that. The cream was rich, seafoodish and not too cloying. JM dosen't eat alot but she finished every little bit of it. Must be good.

I was really tempted to go for another main but I thought I better watch the wallet haha. There were so many other dishes on the menu that I wanted to try I even thought of going there in the night.

Definitely wasn't going to miss dessert. How artistic isn't it with the passion fruit and raspberry coulis swirls. We had the passion fruit cheesecake and mango relish and a chocolate tart.
Word's can't describe it. You've really got to try them.

OK I think I might be over biased about how good the food is. Again I encourage you to go try it for yourself especially since they've got a new menu that was created in Febuary.

The Pelican Cafe
1377 Argyle Cafe
Glasgow G3 8AF
(opposite The kelvingrove Museum & Gallery)
Tel: 0844 5730670

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