Saturday, 23 April 2011

25% off at Zizzi's for the month of April

I have blogged about zizzi's before (Here & Here) and I like it because of the convenience and ambiance.

but today, I wanna share with you this great discount

CLick here for the link -->>

Btw I din't get 100% discount for doing this post lol

I had this pasta dish called Chitarra Alla Pescatora and as the menu description says it is a "Calamari, mussles, King prawns and chilli in a tomato and white wine sauce with Chitarra spaghetti. This traditional pasta is ideal for holding the rich pescatora sauce with its rough square edges. It's made using a machine called a chitarra (guitar in italian)"

YOu can find out more about how this pasta is made from this European Foodie or from Prof Wiki

This is a very heavy pasta and you've got alot to work through each strand. Definitely a Winter type pasta and one that will send you to ZzZzZ land (no punt intended).

I made the stupid decision of having the mains and appetiser sent together but obviously that proved wrong for a very good reason haha. We ended up quite hungry after.

C loves her Calamari and I am pleased to say I enjoy it as well. Must give extra stars for the sizable portion.

We also had some lovely deep fried courgettes. My first time. Great tempura batter and veggie flavours.

C had a nice pumpkin and pancetta rissotto. This tasted much better than I expected it to be. Pumpkin is not a vegetable that I normally enjoy eating but this one sure impressed me. I wonder if a poached egg atop it will make it nicer .. hmm..... (ok maybe its just my imagination)

I wish this post came out earlier but I was busy with reading. Enjoy the last 7 days of the discount !!!

8 Cresswell Lane
G12 8AA
Tel: 0141 334 8258
Monday – Saturday; Midday to 11pm
Sunday: Midday to 10.30pm

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p.s It was a massacre...


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