Thursday, 1 October 2009

Dim Sum at China Town Restaurant

Aa and C have been having dim sum cravings for some time now. I was more less neutral about it after the nice dinner at china blue the other night but this being a flat bonding session meant that I had to be there. haha anyway i wouldn't mind a bit more chinese food. I shouldn't be complaining lol.

We decided to go to Chinatown restaurant after a terrible decision making process using oranges and apples ; )

The last time I was here was in 2nd year. Oh boy oh boy. Time really flies but the experience that I had there the last time still lingered in my mind. I was hoping that things would have improved since.

So here goes.

Charsiew Cheong fun. Very good. Thin skin and chunky tender charsiew.

Standard siew mai. Ok only la.

Another typical item. Har gao. Not as good as the siew mai.

Steaming hot XLB. Pales in comparison to the ones back home. Suspect it has been frozen

Prawn and pork dumpling?. Better than har gao but not siew mai.

Scallop and open hargao. Forgettable. Scallop was not fresh

This is good. Deep fried tofu skin prawn rol with cheong fun wrap.

Deep fried prawn dumpling. This is nice with the mayo.

Carrot cake. Nice but a little too soft for me. I like it a bit firmer.

Prawn Cheong fun. The char siew version was much better.

Stewed pork ribs. Had better ones. Meat was too tough and lacked flavour

Overall, slight improvement compared to the last time. We did not manage to try the gigantic plates of noodles that they served as we were rather full by the end of the meal. The place can get alittle crowded during sunday lunchtimes. Will I come back again ? hmm.. maybe.

p.s : There's a fresh fish stall next door where I normally go for some good fishy.

Chinatown Restaurant
42 New City Road
Port Dundas, Glasgow, G4 9JT
0141 353 0037

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