Thursday, 29 October 2009

Burgers at Adlib

It was burger night at Adlib with K and WY. Besides Ketchup, I think this place sells some of the best burgers in Glasgow. In addition to the famous gourmet burgers, there are quite a few main dishes that caught my eye such as the gambo and steaks which I hope to try someday.

Since it was burger night, I decide to stick with tradition and go for the Obama Burger.. Basically, its a piece of southern fried chicken breast topped with onion rings and a corn sauce. The chicken was slightly on the dry side but I managed it with some extra mayo. The onion rings were pretty tasty and fragrant but were a total grease bomb. The sauce .. hmm... sweet and tasty like a corn should be but I wasnt too sure about the pairing with onions and chicken. Still, a creative combination.

The skinny fries were fantastic compared to the chunky ones u normally get and the salad was a much welcomed accompaniment to my rather fibreless diet in Glasgow.

Adlib West End
2 Byres Road
Glasgow G11 5JY
T. 0141 337 1145

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