Friday, 23 October 2009

Filling Station

I better start posting before my mum starts to think that I am starving LOl. This was a dinner last week at Filling station in town with V, K and R.

Its very American in terms of styling with the nice comfy seats and pictures all hanged up on pilalrs and wall to give it a nice 1980/90s look. Outdated? nah..

K's Beef and Ale pie. Pretty British no?

Calzone. A touch of Italian

5 Big meat balls with spagh

My Giantic BBq Burger. It was great! and huge and totally satisfying.

Don't forget the usual fixens

Overall, a nice dinner with close friends. The menu selection is quite extensive. Food wise it was not too bad. Good but not mind blowing. Prices were slightly edging on the high side. I like their extensive list of cocktails. Shall come back and try another day. Otherwise if you are in town and it happens TGIF is full, this might be your altenative.

The Filling Station
46 Bath Street
Glasgow G2 1HG

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