Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Fish and Chips at Wetherspoons

I actually had this a week ago at the airport with C before she flew back home. So quickly.. time flies and she got back yesterday. There used to be the days where the selection of food at the aiport was pathetic but things have changed in recent years and there are more and more eateries popping up.

We decided to settle for a quick lunch before C flew off. Eating fish and chips is one of those things I have been doing since my first year in Scotland. If there's one thing unique to singapore like chicken rice, fish and chip must be the British equivalent.

I remembered complaining about how fish and chip taste so much better in Singapore but it was only in recent years when I began to appreciate this truly unique British experience of having battered fish with chunky fries and a good heap of green peas, accompanied by a nice pint of cider ... yum yum. but nothing will ever replace chicken rice in my stomach. ... wahahaha

The Sanderling
Glasgow Airport
Tel: 0141 848 4877

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