Monday, 14 June 2010

Ding Tai Fung XLB & LM

Everyone loves XLB and I know alot of you will visit Ding Tai Fung at least once when you are back. Who can resist these juicy parcels? They look exquisite and the eating experience is unique as well...I like my on a spoon and pierce before finishing it off in one mouth .. YUm YUM!!

We had a portion of beansprout & shredded bean curd appetiser. It was rather bland. Wished they had douse more black vinegar on it. Will pass on this the next time and go for the cucumber instead.

Deep fried shrimp and pork wanton.

GOlden fried rice with shredded pork. Looks good man and tasted fantastic too.

I had the mushroom and mince pork la mien. Ok only la... Should have just gone for za jiang mien.

OH wells.. I m going to get busier over the next 3 weeks. Mind not be blogging as often.

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