Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Bah Kut Teh @ Owen Road

Dad wanted to eat BKT and he particularly likes this place along Owen Road called Ah Heng Bah Kut Teh. Apparently, most BKT stores don't open on monday because there's no pork but Ah Heng is different and chooses to capitalise on this day. Wonder where he gets his pork from though lol.

Here's the Bah kut teh in a claypot. Not many places use claypot nowadays ya... and look ... canned mushrooms. The pork wasn't as good as expected today. Could it be because he got it from a different supplier on MOndays?. Anyway the ribs were chopped up and not in its curvy entity... Guess it makes for easier eating also but takes away the joy of chewing away the meat from the ribs like eating a drum stick.

Braised Pig Trotters (BPT) seem to pair along well with BKT. The other dish that goes with BKT is pig organ soup but we din order that today lol. It would probably have been consumed by my dad only. Anyway the BPT was fantastic. It got a good bath in a really fragrant garlic soy sauce broth. I thought it was better than the BKT lolol.

Preserved vegetables and you tiao make good accompaniments too. The you tiao was unfortunately almost finished before the soup even arrived lol. Guess we were quite hungry .

One thing that's unique about this place is that they offer a variety of steamed fish. I think that's one of the draw of this old institution. Its bound to attract lots of Teochew Ah hias to come and patronise the store la. We had half a red snapper head. The fish was very fresh but the natural taste of this fish ain't as sweet as some of the other species. At least it was fresh and once u pair it with some fermented bean sauce, it will be fine on the taste buds.

What is Bah Kut Teh without the Teh. lol.. We don't see many places offering self brewed chinese tea nowadays. So to find one here certainly brings back some authentic feel to how folks use to eat BKT. The boss has quite a few varieties of tea to choose from. You can even bring your own tea and leave it at the store if you come here often enough.

Firstly. wash the tea and soak it to soften it.

Pour away the first brew

Enjoy. Any guess why you put the toothpick in the spout?

Not a cheap meal but bao jia!...

Heng Heng Bah Kut Teh
107 Owen Road
Tel: +65 6292 4913
Opening: 730 - 930am, 1130 - 230pm
Closed on Tuesdays

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