Friday, 4 June 2010

Cheap and Satisfying @ Bedok 85

Bedok is kinda my 地盤 as I spent a significant portion of my life schooling here. There's always something nostalgic about coming back to this part of the country especially at night for supper !!!... What I really like about Bedok 85 are the prices and the variety of supper snacks/dishes. The prices haven't risen as much as alot of other places and that is a good thing but I can't say so much about preservation of taste.

Bah Chor Mee comes in 2 versions in Singapore. The dry version doused in a chilli and vinegar sauce or the rich soupy version. Bedok has apparently 10 soupy Bah chor mee stalls and I know only 5 of them. Wonder where the other 5 are located. Anyway, I don know what went wrong with the uncle or auntie today. She over-boiled the noodles and it was rather soggy. At least the broth was still quite umami.

Ah BBQ Chicken Wings... OK the flavours quite standard nowadays but who cares, everyone enjoys BBQ chicken wings yea. Its great for sharing too. Good time to show your generosity ;)

Fried Carrot Cake!!!. . So simple yet so tasty. I'll say again. The carrot here is white radish not your red carrot used in English Carrot cake.

Finally... Ah ball ling... Ah You can get these glutinous dumplings in Glasgow but the peanut soup is going to be tricky lol.. The green Ah ball lings are a new addition. Its green tea flavoured glutinous skin with a green tea flavour bean paste within. Quite yummy.

I ate 80% of these (ho ho ho.. *clutch my belly) and the total cost was only $$10 inclusive of a refreshing sugar cane juice. That's like 5 pounds... In Singlish....."where to find... you tell me??"

Fengshan Market and Food Centre
Block 85 Bedok North Street 4
Open daily: 5pm to 3am.

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