Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Procrastination with Kway Chap

I was contemplating a morning run yesterday after realising how I have been so nua over the last few months. Despite feeling rather tired, I went for a short run and some static exercises. That's the healthy bit until I decided to have Kway chap for Breakfast lolol.. My only saving grace was me telling Auntie not to give me the pig Skin!... *oink

Kway chap. BBCs.. is a platter of mix pork meat, innards, soy products and egg all stewed in a savory soy, cinnamon broth. This is often eaten with Kway teow (flat rice noodles) or rice along with lime chilli sauce as a dip. See ... we do have our form of haggis here as well.

For me, I tend to skip the innards lol. Never really had an affinity for them. More palatable items include the stewed pork, tofu, tao pok and egg oh yum yum.. I used to bite off the top bits of fat on the pork as a child cos I thought of them as being really unhealthy lol.. Nowadays lolol Its a different story but I do eat in moderation.

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