Friday, 16 July 2010

Eastern Europe Eastern Delights Tour 4: Warsaw, Poland

We finally arrived in Warsaw!!!. THe Journey took FOReVeER!

Guess this famous person

Can't Take it anymore I need Icecream.

The first of many icecream that I had from this point on. No idea what goes into it but its not your average Macdonald's soft serve. My sis says it taste like the Ikea soft serve. Its rather thick and milky yet with each bite u can feel the ice crystals..

Biscuit tube with Cream. haha Pretty ordinary but a novel way of eating biscuit and cream

Yummy waffle.. ONly nice when hot!!!. I din't add icecream onto it... Can't cope with the balancing act of holding my camera and 3 desserts at the same time lol

Lazienki Palace: My lame attempt at HDR

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